Sunday, December 3

Picture Hunting

I was wasting time this evening - playing with my laptop while watching some CSI equivalent on TV and found some cool pictures. So I thought I'd add a couple on here. Anyway its the end of another weekend. I ended up being quite busy - had breakfast with Tahnee, did some shopping, went to Salamanca, had coffee with Tahnee, her mum and another friend of theirs yesterday before going to sailing where I took 2 young girls out in optimists. They did well because it was quite breezy and it was only their 3rd time in a boat - twice in a mirror with me and then they were on their own! Today I went to church, had a quick lunch at Hilary and Coopers - admired his new bed and his new bike, then dashed off to babysit Finlay and Brendon. We went to the little park just down from their house, then to the sweet shop in Hampden Rd, and the boat park for a play. The soccer ball came too - so we ended up playing keepins off, which was usually keepings off me. Now I'm about to go to sleep and be ready for another week of work - but thankfully I'm not working as much this week - not everyday. But tomorrow will be a long day with work, submerge, babysitting again and then staying over with my cousins in Taroona.

Blind spot on the eyeBlood vessels in the retina shown emerging from the optic disc (black). The optic disc is the part of the retina where the optic nerve carries all the visual information away from the eye, and where the retinal blood vessels enter and leave the back of the eye. No light receptor cells are present here, making it a blind spot. We don't normally notice that the blind spot exists because the other eye compensates for that small area.Branching brain cells: These specialised cells named Purkinje cells (red) are found in a part of the brain called the cerebellum. They send out vast numbers of branches that make connections with other cells in the cerebellum. This part of the brain coordinates your voluntary movements and keeps you oriented in space. It also plays a part in learning physical skills – such as riding a bike or playing the piano.Teasel flower bud: Teasels are thistle-like wild flowers that have long been used in traditional herbal medicine. Teasel root tea was once used to stimulate the appetite, reduce fluid retention and help some liver complaints. Bruised roots were used in an ointment to treat warts, and teasels were even used to ward off witches. The complex pattern seen in this teasel bud is controlled by the same family of genes that controls the layout not only of all flowers, but also of all animal and human bodies as well.

Wednesday, November 29

Most Understandable Pie Chart

Speaks for itself really... data and statistics I can understand! And I do like pies...

Monday, November 27

catching up on photos

This is just a couple of shots from a 'Live at the House' gig I went to the other day -a whole bunch of bands playing for free (but you had to pickup your tickets before) to celebrate 150 of parliament house. Not a bad gig - especially liked Lior and Bomba.


This is a picture of the view from my window - at night with rain on the window! So not really very clear... but I like all the lights going kinda blurry. Sometimes I even sat down to do some proper study at my desk... except occasionally I was distracted by the view, or taking photos of the view, or arty photos of rain, or reflections or shadows... or myself in the window! Doesn't take much to distract me really!
Clearly, we studied hard. Meanwhile, Jack and Mark were competing to see who's paper aeroplane went the furthest!! (I say Mark but could be biased!)
Sometimes I even sat down to do some proper study at my desk... except occasionally I was distracted by the view, or taking photos of the view, or arty photos of rain, or reflections or shadows... or myself in the window! Doesn't take much to distract me really!

Wednesday, November 22

technology to baffle

I tried to put some pictures on the blog last night using picasa... it did everything and said loading, and now they're not there. Maybe they'll turn up at some point but I thought that if it needed time, overnight would have done the trick. I guess I'll have to do them again... but not now because I need to get ready for work. I also used to use a program called 'hello' to put pictures on - but I think that it worked with blogger, and maybe not blogger beta. OH well... more later. But possibly, maybe, Toshi (my laptop) is fixed - it had little tantrums while charging (or not charging) lately - would stop charging and there was nothing you could do until it went flat and died. But Dad took it somewhere and got it fixed for me - hurrah!

Wednesday, November 15

And now for something different

Exams are over. Good feeling. First year over. Strange feeling.

Its late again and I should go to sleep. Went out for dinner tonight with Dad - to Maldini's which was delicious. Bit of an end of exams celebration!! Had a lovely lamb meal, and ended up sharing a tiramisu to finish. Still feeling full but it was delicious. Good way to end the semester - and nice to chat with Dad as well. Despite staying the last 2 nights with him I'd barely crossed paths!

For next few weeks at least, I'm working at the chemist, as well as some bits of sailing coaching, babysitting, cleaning and then fitting in socialising, reading, sleeping, and just being as well. And I'm writing a sermon for this week - 'reception of the king'. Tricky one - I don't want it to be boring and irrelevant. Was thinking about comparing the reactions of people to Jesus in his own time to reactions now - gets a bit wierd though reading stuff on internet about how people can prove the Jesus wasn't who he might be. But I guess thats where faith comes in - because it can't be proved entirely and no-one says otherwise, but there is reason to believe... Anyway it still needs more thought.

Today was Hamish's birthday. I haven't finished the 13 piece paper Hearse Playset for him... but I didnt' see him today either. I'll do some tomorrow before starting work at 11 and see how I go. Just need some dead flies to go in the miniature coffins (he asked for flies although may have intended fishing flies but ah well)

Thursday, November 9

Time I did something with the day!

Well my days off doing nothing all day are looking limited - after all I'm not really on holidays yet, and I have lots to get done and soon I'll be working. So I guess its about time I got dressed and did something with my day... but maybe you should see what time it is on the Human Clock! Or the Cable Clock... Or the Block Clock (available as a screen saver!!!)

Blue Tea has lots of fun things which can take up my day - who really needs to get dressed, study for last exam, eat, wash, see people... although I do want to see Mark today! And Mum has asked me to look out for more copies of Shaun Tan's book The Arrival in town - another 3 copies plus one of The Rabbits.

Wednesday, November 8

3/4 done but it might as well be holidays

Woohoo!! Yesterday was my last big exam for first year uni. In actual fact i have to be present for one more next week but it will wonly be 10 minutes and should be fine. I'll do some practice for it tomorrow - it involves taking a patient history and doing an examination of either shoulder, wrist, knee or ankle joints - depending on what they decide the story is. It will end up taking all afternoon until we can go but thats only because we are sequestered until the last group starts. Grr. Ah well... at least by then there'll be nothing else I can stress about preparing for.

So now... all this time and space to think about the things I'd like to spend my time doing - there are a whole list of things I should have done when we moved that I still havent sorted out! I have a shelf I made a while ago to put up in my new room, more boxes of books to sort and put into my bookshelf, I have 2 boxes in my room with trophies/soft toys etc which I think are to be kept so they need to be found a home. Plus other fun things - a girl from Uni and I are planning to cook an Indonesian meal someday (before she goes home for summer), I want to watch more studio Ghibli movies, LoTR movies again, go op-shopping, buy a hub cap.... all sorts of fun and games! And hopefully find a bit more time to see Mark - without feeling that one or both of us should be studying.

And just in case I thought I might get bored (or Dad might find me lots of work to do for him) my old friendly chemist people rang and offered me 30 hours of work a week... starting next week! So that should help my bank balance and keep me out of mischief-ss well as some sailing coaching, cleaning and babysitting! I think I'll need a holiday after all that!!!!!

But now to help Tahnee study for her contemporary English exam - involves the challenging task of watching Bridget Jones Diary! (But I'd rather that than silence of the lambs).

And soon there will be more photos of things.. just requires me to get organised and take the pictures and find card reader :)

Wednesday, October 18

Mark's 21st

Saturday was Mark's 21st birthday party. It was a formal party at his house - lots of fun with everyone looking very nice and dressed up. I couldn't decide whether to wear a knee length-ish dress of mine, or my school formal dress, but in the end i went with the one from school. Its a really nice dress - but very long and definitely formal. I went with that one because Heather said she was wearing her bridesmaids dress which was also really long! Anyway it was all good fun. Afterwards we we went to Tele for a bit - there was a band on which was fun, although Mark and I were both tired and were ready to head home fairly soon after! He'd been rushing around getting ready, then being a bit nervous before people came and then doing an excellent job of being host and talking to all the different people. I just spent the day studying and didn't even feel like I got through a lot.

Now Dad keeps reminding me how many days I have left of uni (2 after today) and telling me not to worry about going to lectures. On the other hand i feel a bit stressed about how much there is to learn.. but I'm getting there. Just need to focus and get through it all. Studying last night was all fine (with Jack and Ruth) until Jack's bratty side of personality reared its head and he kept turning off my laptop or just being generally disruptive!!! Hehe.. must have been time for a break anyway.

Otherwise, all going well.. will be glad when exams are over and i don't feel guilty if i don't anything other than studying. Doesn't entirely stop me though....


Here's a picture someone sent me from the fires the other day... really quite impressive!

Thursday, October 12

burning up and and moving out (moved out)

Finally everything is completely out of the Kingston house. I took the last carload of junk today - which is all destined for a car boot sale and was going to stay there happily until the car boot sale in Kingston on sunday. But no... they changed the settlement date so I had to get it all by tomorrow. Ah well.. all gone now. And there was already a wardrobe and kitchen table in there belonging to the new people. Very wierd to see other furniture in there.

Meanwhile, 2 hot days in a row and Hobart/Tasmania is on fire. There were fires near uni/Proctors rd, fires on the eastern shore and others around the state. Driving back down the outlet tonight after bible study gave me a very good view of the lines of burning red on the hillsides across the river. Impressive, but scary.

Otherwise, life has been busy. I have last minute assignments to get done (4 abstracts due tomorrow.. just need to proof read and a reflective piece), portfolio things to hand in... etc etc. And I need to study for exams. But there are much more interesting things to do really - Mark's 21st birthday party is this weekend, there is the car boot sale on sunday, and no doubt a squillion other things I can invent.

Can't think of much else at the moment - lots happening and not much sleep!! Will hopefully put something more interesting here sometime - perhaps when I'm more settled into my procrastination of exam study.

Tuesday, October 3

study study study (kind of)

Well it seems its one month till exams, and I have rather a lot to do. I've been doing my best to settle down and study a whole lot. This kinda meant that on the weekend, I went to a South American salsa night - charity dinnner with meal, auction and raffle, and salsa dance lessons from a registrar at the hospital. Lots of fun - a few other first years came too which was good. The last of these dinners I went to, I was the only first year. The dancing was good fun - the first guy who was my partner was fairly woeful, but then I danced with my friend Mel's boyfriend and he had a bit more groove, then Mark arrived after work - quite a good dancer he is!

Saturday brought a lovely sunny day, and me being useful - helping with maintenance of the oppies (small plastic tubs=sailing boats) at the sailing club before the season starts next week. I also went up to my kingston house to fill my car with some last bits and pieces to transport to town house. In the evening Tahnee and Andrew and I went to an amazing concert at the Con. It was a band with Andrew Legg, and some other local and less local muso's who were brilliant. So much talent! Afterwards, Tahnee, Andrew, Jack and Ruth (who were already at my place and had stayed there while I was at the concert!) and then Mark (after grandfinal party) hung out till later. Sadly it didnt feel as late as it was with the change to daylight savings. But at least the light is nice in the evenings now.

On Sunday I ran kids church - at late notice, so with the support of a VeggieTales dvd, and some jelly snakes :). I had lunch with Tahnee at citrus moon - sitting outside because it was such lovely weather, with Ty (her small furrry dog) getting lots of comments about him from passers by. Lunch was pleasant, although we were less impressed with the standard compared to the good old days - prices have gone up considerably and the range seems less. Hamish's step-son Karl stayed Sunday night - we had a nice meal and played a game of Puerto Rico along with another friend of mine. So.. a good weekened. Which did have a few little bits of study squished in.. but maybe not really enough. So.. busyness is going to have to be quashed for a while and I'm going to be a recluse and study lots. Although thats not something I'm very good at.. so we'll see!!

Friday, September 22

Med Ball

These are some photos from Med Ball a while ago - I didn't take a camera and it took me a while to find out who'd taken theirs. I didn't get hold of many particularly good ones yet. The ones I got seemed to get blurrier as the night went on - I guess without flash and with more free drinks it gets harder to hold a camera steady in dim light!!!! But it was fun. Oscars theme - so lots of glamorous ones!

Friday, September 15


Back to uni this week -has been a blast. Or kind of, a bludge. Nice to ease into it after a week off though... the reason for all this is that it's 'rural week' and we have no actual lectures on anything science/medicine-ish. We have had talk from rural doctors, rural medical students, interviewed patients from urban and rural areas. This even included going to Oatlands for the day.

Our trip to Oatlands included arriving ahead of schedule, being provided with morning tea, meeting practice manager of communityhealth centre, having tour of centre/4 bed hospital/nursing home facility, having lunch, interviewing a couple of patients, having afternoon tea and going home! And somehow ABC thought that was newsworthy and came along to watch. I am told I was on the television that night by at least 5 sources... so some people recognised me (and tell me i looked like I was paying attention) but I missed it!

Other parts of rural week have seemed a little bit irrelevant and peripheral, although relatively enjoyable and at least I'm not getting more behind. Not that I've done a lot of catching up either! Working on it....

And of course... the most interesting news. There is a boy. I think he's lovely... we'll see what happens as we adjust to not being just friends and how it all goes.. not too many details here! (Tho private correspondence may be entered into if appropriate!!)

Bed time now.. last day of rurality to look forward to tomorrow.. mostly it had 3 hours free time in the middle of the day!

Tuesday, September 5

settling in. from a distance.

Now all is safely taken to the new house. Except for the stuff that isn't... certain things have been left at nice old house - i went back today for my clothes in my drawers, but there were still some pictures on walls here and there, some cups and mugs which I suspect are staying behing, and a whole lot of dust, pens, and other rubbish here and there on the floor. But all in all... house feels empty.

As oppose to new house. Which has lots of boxes. And thats after unpacking at least 10 or 15 boxes into the kitchen and pantry. My golly... if you could live on popcorn, currants, cinnamon sticks, (or spices in general) rice and pickled walnuts/other pickles... we'd be fine for quite some time. There are multiples of things to be consumed, multiples of crockery (which Hamish is keen to thin out) and probably multiples of many other kinds of things as well... and lots of room with no cupboards. But my room looks great. Haven't really got clothes in, but furniture beginning to take shape around the room and boxes containing cd player and other essentials have been located. (Still need the one with cds!). Will take camera and if any daylight is left, photographic evidence will be found. But... not sure how phone line/internet situation is going. But I do have a new home phone number - which I will not give out here (wouldn't anyway, but haven't learnt it yet) but email me if you want it and I'll think about giving it to you.

Working all day tomorrow so sleep time :) Am at dads - so wed night will be first night to sleep in the new house.

Monday, September 4


Today we finished packing up my Kingston house. The packers had arrived just before me at 9am this morning and were seen now and then as fluoro orange streaks running up and down and wrapping things up and packing boxes! By the time I left about 1, there were piles of boxes in the kitchen as well as another box 'tower' in the room next to Mum's. There was nothing in my room except my clothes in drawers and a few hanging things in the cupboard which I have to pack into a suitcase tomorrow. My open shelves and cupboards (of which there were quite a few) were empty and my bed and bedside drawers thing were gone. The truck had taken it all away by the time Mum left - she was left without anything to sit on at all! Meanwhile Hamish and I, gratefully aided by Heather and Dot from church were cleaning the new place. So at the end of the day we have 2 empty houses- one house is probably quite dusty and dirty, and the new house is freshly painted, washed, dusted and just waiting to be filled... I'm staying at Dads!

Hamish complained at quite a few points about the amounts of stuff that we had and couldn't we just throw some of it out. We did actually throw out quite a bit - although its true there was a lot left. But at that point we were going through tools and so on in the garage. All very useful things... even if it doens't appear so to him. He even broke my wooden metre ruler so he could throw it out - which I was quite annoyed about. And now Dad tells me you can't get ones like that anymore. Grr. I tried to tell him he'd feel the same if people made him throw out his fishing stuff or LARGE collection of love tokens, random coins and old things.

But on other issues... hmm moving seems to have taken up my entire sphere of thought today. Anyway - despite being tired and all seeming slightly irritable by the end of today, the whole moving business is still quite exciting! A new era begins...

Saturday, September 2

Last night in my house

Today I did lots of putting things in boxes and not a lot of sorting things out!! But I had my friend Laura come and give expert advice. She's moved house at least 3 times in the year or something or other (lots anyway!). She helped put lots of things in boxes - which are stil all over my room but at least here'snot much on the shelves! I kept saying to Laura 'should I keep this?' and she'd look at me with a look that said 'do you really think you need that?' and then maybe I would throw it out. Except when I didn't.

I guess a mix of feelings... exciting new house, but have had lots of good times here. It has been the place I've lived the majority of my life - and who knows where the next 15 years will take me, or when I'll next spend 15 years in one house. But still - a house is a house, and even when its a home, its not the defining part of my existence.

We had Megan and Alistair and Jean round for dinner with Mum and Hamish. It was a nice evening - good way to finish time here I guess - and Tahnee and Andrew are coming for lunch tomorrow. Removalists are coming monday and tuesday I think - beds etc I think move tuesday, but I usually stay at Dads sunday to tuesday nights anyway. But won't be long and I'll have first night sleeping in the chaos of a new house. Going into my room with lots of things packed up almost reminded me of the night before going on a big holiday-particularly when you'd have to get up early for a flight. I would go to bed with my bag packed at the end of my bed, and just the clothes the wear that day out. I'd fall asleep knowing a whole new adventure would be starting the next day. I guess some of the same is true now - except my shelves look bare, the floor is still a mess and not all the boxes are shut. And beats me what I'll find to wear tomorrow. But the same is true - a new chapter will begin - with plenty of room for people visiting, playing board games, sitting, drinking tea, passing hte time of day, discussing meaning of life etc etc etc


Promotion: enter this competition!

Not that I'm biased or anything, but I was excited to see the All India Radio new album as a prize on the Naked Dwarf gig guide/music site at the moment. I'd recommend it - kinda cruisey music made of recordings and instruments over the top and all sorts of things. Although... to be honest that may describe earlier work more... not sure. But I rate it. And as a bonus fact, my uncle is in the band.... :)

Tuesday, August 29

Weekend wanderings

No doubt I should be studying for my test tomorrow (or not.. its mcq and they ask such peripheral questions I'm unsure studying is useful!) however I promised to update you masses on the dinner I cooked on sunday night. I wonder if its a reflection on how infrequently I cook that its blog worthy... No i think, I do cook but normally a more 'whatever goes' meal rather than planned and shopped for by me in advance! So Sunday night for Dads birthday I cooked a delicious paella with saffron, rice, chicken, chorizo sausage, and seafood - including mussels, squid, prawns, and ling. Delicious! It is a bonus that it looks so spectacular - the yellow rice with the red and green capsicum and peas, and all the colourful bits of sausage etc. Yummmmmmm. Then to follow up, mostly because I wanted to play with Dads mini blow-torch, I decided to make creme brulee. I had this plan of making them earlier in the day so they could cool like they were supposed to, but... well needless to say it didn't happen. But I made them just before having to go out and set the oven to turn off at the appropriate time. I came back and they were looking nice and cooked - all I had to do was sprinkle sugar and torch 'em! Dad said they were set just slightly more than they should have been - but not sure I'd have turned them off any earlier even if I'd been there. Anyway.. very tasty, and easy.. though the ingredients can't make it health food!!

My weekend (again) had a general theme of events that did a good job of distracting me from study. Sunday morning was a friends birthday brunch at her parents place which was pleasant. Saturday night was the med ball - everyone dressed up and looked lovely. I didn't end up going out afterwards and sadly got home before Dad and Kate - but thats cos our venue shut and wanted us out and theirs let them stay longer. I could have gone out but phone went flat and couldn't meet anyone and knew I had lots on.. then Ruth's Dad was there offering a lift... it was just too easy! Earlier that day I'd made the perfect breakfast for Tahnee and myself - french toast with maple syrup before we made a trip to town for Natty's birthday present. I zoomed back to Mum's after that to catch up with my grandparents before they headed back to Lonny. As I arrived I noticed Mum was wearing a nice new necklance and earrings - and as I soon found out a new engagement ring also. So that exciting piece of news and Hamish ringing assorted relatives kept me distracted on and off for lots of the day! I think its great, not so much because its conventional, but because they are great together. And hey - some more parties to celebrate that must be good!!

Friday, August 25

Busy busy busy...

I've had an up and down sort of time lately. Lots of good things are happening, but the problem is that I spend lots of time doing things other than study, then feel behind and stressed. And despite not having done much in the way of getting ready to move house that is feeling slightly stressful too - or perhaps because I've done so little!

However the house has started the process of transformation on the inside - turning from the peach colour I've mentioned before to a much nicer pleasant light colour - I think technically its of the mushroom spectrum. But don't worry - its basically a slightly warm white that is different enough to not be the same as the white ceiling.

Other things that have been happening included the Submerge/youth group 40 Hour famine sleepover. This was kinda fun and good etc although also hard work and various events unfolded to make it slightly more stressful for the leaders on empty stomachs and little sleep. But hopefully the kids enjoyed themselves. On the friday night of last week I went to an African dinner held by IMPACT (group of med people interested in helping overseas work). We were raising money for the World Vision/Ausaid (i think) 10X appeal-so the $2300 we raised turns into $23000 worth of emergency food relief. I never could quite understand who puts in the extra money but it sounds good to me.

I went to Rustica (rural health society at uni) skill night on Tuesday. They had various stations of which we could choose 2 and then food and drinks afterwards. I did airway management - learnt how to put airways in a dummy and ventilate them. The little airways were fine although I think the long tube one went the wrong way because you couldn't pump air in... ie must have ended up in the oesaphagus going towards the stomach! Ah well... I also did the venepuncture station so got to learn how to take blood from veins. I took blood from one of the other first years with amazingly obvious veins and it was really easy - and he was brave! I even (me the needlephobe) volunteered my arm but then once the tornique was on and the alcohol had been swabbed we decided my veins weren't as easy as the other guy and Chloe did it on him again. Poor guy! Mine were there and you could feel them but not see them, so the guy running it suggested starting easy as possible. Ah well.. one day I'll be brave. Am planning to give blood some day but not sure about that idea either.. it keeps getting put off!

Otherwise - another busy weekend ahead. It was Dads birthday yesterday and I said I'd cook him dinner on sunday. Should be delicious but will report later when i decide which dessert to go with the Paella! Also going out to dinner with him and Kate and my aunt and uncle tonight. Should be yummy!

Sunday, August 13

it must be the weather for moving house!

This weekend, Tahnee also moved house. I arrived in time to help with the last load of things from her car. We unpacked one of the boxes to find all her mugs wrapped in newspaper to make the first cup of tea since its been 'her' place (well and Andrew's, but he hadn't taken anything there yet!!). Hopefully many more cups of tea.. and other beverages will be consumed there and it will be a happy home. It was quite exciting unpacking her kitcheny things and putting things away - after deciding where away should be! When Tahnee had to go, I went to visit another friend Megan who's just moved out. See - its in the water or something. Or I guess, there is the possibility its the age and stage some of my friends are getting to. I'm getting to a similar age (give or take a year!) but am content for the time being with my two homes, and currently 3 houses!! It will be enough of a change for me to move from my family home to the new house - will enjoy living there for a bit (read maybe 'quite a bit') before I feel the need to move out! Hey... I'll have 2 houses each within about 10 minutes walk or less of my two different uni campuses! Hurrah. Posted by Picasa


Well.... house is sold (you knew that, but the sticker finally appeared to support the evidence of contrasct signing etc). And we got the keys for the new house last weekend. We had a little party there on friday night - camping out with take-away Indian and sushi, sitting in fold-up chairs around a card table. Lots of fun. We also had sunday lunch there with another selection of people. We thought it was good to start out the way we want to continue - lots of friends and food regularly!! So now we have 2 houses for 2 months. This means there is lots of time to get the old one sorted and packed. Still, that requires starting.. and its another sunday night of a weekend where I've achieved nothing in the way of packing. Oops.
But back to the new house. Hurrah - the painters have started scraping etc to get downstairs rooms ready for a paint job. Above is just a little pic showing a combination of colours in the bathroom - maroon-ish on tiles, orange-ish wall, red-ish door. Mmmm. Bad light but it doesn't solve the fact its orange!! So... change is welcome. And we'll work on doing some other bits at some point, hopefully before moving in too much.
And for some reason, the only other photo I took was this, of the toilet. Nothing special - except the sticker that says in many languages 'remove before use'. Obviously no-one bothered with that because I don't think its a new addition!!! Ah well... easily fixed I guess. Posted by Picasa
An old pic I found on my phone!! What are friends for but to take photos with on public transport with tongues out!!?? Posted by Picasa

Purple Hair

About 2 weeks ago I got around to trying out the (8 wash!) purple hair dye I'd bought cheaply recently. Mum did it for me - complete with foil!!! It wasn't as vibrant as it might have been, but in some lights it was surprisingly noticable. It has faded considerably now (2 weeks later) but is just visible! I quite liked it.. maybe I'll do it again some day. I had a good excuse for finally doing it that weekend - my friend Eve had a party with 'hair' as the theme - pity it was barely visible in the dark!!! Posted by Picasa


Just wrote a nice post about things I've been doing lately. Then my laptop went flat before I could plug it in properly. Oh well. I'll write some more later and just add a few pics for now. They're taken with my phone because camera has been separated from camera batteries due to my forgetfulness! And because I like gadgets.

Also I found (Jack showed me while we were getting distracted from writing essays!) a cool site for distractions. has all sorts of wierd and wacky design inventions. Jack particularly liked the Selk-bags and plans to have all his house mates wearing them asap. I might pick out some highlights to put on here at some point.

Thursday, August 3

Comments Welcome

Apparently I'd removed the link for comments to be made! Oops. Well hopefully I made it come back now. Feel free to say hi :)
PS we get the keys for the hosue on Friday - very exciting. Must be weather for moving too - on monday I went with Tahnee to see the place she and Andrew just signed the lease for! Its nice - will be cosy, but hopefully good value and good location.
More on house soon... for now pizza while sitting on the floor?

Wednesday, August 2

Euthanasia: be one of the first to try....

I sent myself an email earlier in the day from my hotmail account to my gmail account, to send a copy of a debate I'm writing for university. The topic is that euthanasia should be legalised, and I'm arguing the negative case. There is quite a lot of information either way, and I'm undecided on what I think. But I will argue my point. Anyway, the hotmail account has taken to putting a footer at the bottom of the page about the windows live mail 'experience' like this:
Be one of the first to try Windows Live Mail.

Meanwhile, i'd called my attahed document 'euthanasia'. And gmail, had displayed this in my inbox as:
Euthanasia; be one of the first to try....
If it wasn't from myself, I might have thought someone was trying to suggest something nasty...

bleeding practicals

I'm OK! Just in case anyone was wondering (ok.. probably not!) I survived the blood prac. There was a little gadgey you load up with a fresh needle and then you press a button and it pricks you - but only about 2mm in. Then you squeeze it really hard and get some blood out. I was reluctant to press the button but it didn't hurt too much. I got ot test my blood type - turns out I'm just common old O positive - but safety in numbers - it is the most common blood group. And thats assuming my analysis of the 'agglutination' is correct.

Sunday, July 30

I don't like what I see...

Its another Sunday afternoon, and the weekend is nearly gone as I get ready for the week. I have to print out my lecture notes and week outline and bits and pieces. Some people may or may not know, that despite me being amazing and brave and confident in all sorts of ways (hehe!) I'm actually really not a big fan of needles. Ok.. so I locked myself in the toilet at Mum's work one of the (relatively recent) tiems I was going to be vaccinated. And now we have a blood prac this week. First paragraph, safety guidlines as folows:
Students must only use their own blood for their personal experiment.

I think somehow, that involves getting the blood out of me. This is confirmed on the next page where you get 'add four drops of your own blood to....'
I can deal with taking other people's blood but I don't want to be stabbed! Will have to be big and brave and get over it one day... this week!
In other news, we get the house monday week - a week from tomorrow... wheeeeee! But seems liek our plan is to actually move in mid-semester break so that gives us about 5 weeks to get sorted. Lots to do....

Monday, July 24


Ho hum. Monday again. Weekend was ok - had a fun night on Saturday out with med students at the TUMSS 40th anniversary cocktail party (with beer, wine and champagne.. doesn't sound like cocktails to me!) then to see Andrew's band play (Tahnee's boyfriend) then a wander over to town to sit in the bakehouse for a bit! Otherwise.. i spent lots of time not studying (only 1 week in - don't wanna work too hard yet!!). I made bread, went for a walk to boronia beach... lots of fun things. But now back to uni - up next lecture on hip anatomy.

Thursday, July 20

Tidying frenzy down the drain (and some gory med stuff)

SOLD. Today, it seems we sold our house. This is good because of all the bridging finance blah blah blah (I don't pay attention to these money matters!) although it did go for less than intended by a fair bit. But it was a cash offer and its now whereas it could take months for something else to come along. The family who bought it were really keen but just couldn't go up another inch - so I think we're all happy about it. Mostly!!! Its still kinda wierd, but I think it will feel like that until the day I go - and probably after that when 'home' is to another house. But still, its exciting. A new phase of life in a new house, with a slightly different arrangement of people - and room for extras! And there's no argument that it will be convenient to live near town for clinical school stuff, and just to be close to things - docks, aquatics centre, domain, town, not far to north hobart, salamanca or anywhere really. Even back to Kingston to visit won't be far not that I'll have a house there.. but other people I know will still live there. And I'll still go to Margate Church so I can still be part of down there in some ways!

So... now we have a 90 day settlement on the house during which there is a lot of packing up to do. But its not as daunting as when we thought it was 30 days.. it was looking bad!

Today's other news is that I've done my first few hours of cadaver dissection. I won't say much on here anyway because somepeople might prefer not to read it. But because I can, I'll make a few comments - so if you're squeamish don't read the next part of this post :)

Cadaver dissection details further down... if you're game!

Our cadaver on table C is an elderly male chap. It seems that Tassie doesn't have enough cadavers of its own so it imports some from South Australia. This is all well and good, although SA needed some heads to use for surgical training. As a consequence, 4 of the cadavers our class is using have their head and necks removed. I wasn't game to look under the rags covering that area yesterday, but I peaked today. I could see the bones and trachea and oesophagus, neck... arms... all there! (windpipe, food tube etc.. gosh - i've almost forgotten their colloquial names!!). The Tasmanian bodies only have 1/4 of their heads as the 3rd years already dissected those!

Meanwhile, today we began with the lower limb - in particular the thigh. We slit the skin and began to separate it along the 'fascia' - junction between skin + fat and the covering of the muscle. It was kinda amazing and kinda gross and smelly, and exciting all at once. The gross bits were mostly when you got collections of liquid - just water fermaldehyde and ethanol or something but it collected in the skin and dripped out! Also some collections of fat were really yellow and some were orange and they were kinda gross. But mostly he's quite a slim chap. The hands and feet are particularly yellow. We noticed some little holes in his feet - apparently feet are hard to embalm, so they must have injected the embalming liquid into the sole of his feet plus into each toe!! By the end of our afternoon work we had removed the skin in 2 strips from the upwards facing parts between the hip and just below the knee, exposing the muscles and parts of bone in the knee. Interesting!!

On the emotional side... I want to remember that he was a person who lived, and had family and interests and aspirations, but at the same time chose to donate his body for the education of others (ME!). Whilst it is confronting, it was not as bad as I thought to see him lying there. Its a body, but it looks like plasticene or something - not like someone who could be sleeping or just died. The embalming process causes it to take on about 30k of fluid which I guess changes the look of the body as well as causing it to be much yellower. And then today when it was time to cut I tried not to think about anything else apart from the section I was looking at. Working gently, the scalpel smoothly cut through skin. We started pulling back the skin with some hesitation - unused to our dissection tools and the tissues themselves. After a short amount of time I was relatively happy peeling back the layers to find the muscles attached to the knee. We found some nerves and blood vessels too. I don't think we cut through too many things that we weren't supposed to!

It is an amazing thing to let your body be cut up and studied. I'm not sure if I would be brave enough. But perhaps when one day I decide my organs are no longer worth donating, my body could be useful instead...

Wednesday, July 19

Buy This House

Its kinda wierd to see my house on! But its good that its there for all to see... pity no-one's bought it yet but there's still time. (One family were keen... will see what evolves!). Meanwhile... back into uni. I met my friendly cadaver today - start dissecting tomorrow which is a little daunting but should be ok. Only tricky part is the co-op shop and surgimed both sold out of the anatomy atlases (crucial before and during dissection) and another textbook I was planning to get. The anatomy atlas is actually out of stock in Australia so onlie I can't do better than '2-4 weeks but may be delayed' to order it - unless you go the extra expensive versions! The other one should be in soon... (Cost here's nothign I'd rather spend my money on!)

Sunday, July 16

And then I wore him out.... for about 5 minutes. Posted by Picasa
The dog I threw slobbery balls for in Grafton (grandparents place) - He couldn't decide which ball he preferred. Posted by Picasa
Me, Lockie and Tahnee enjoying our hot chocolate drinks also at San Churro. A white hot chocolate, a mocha, and a hot chocolate with chilli... all very good. Posted by Picasa
Sarah, Sirocha and Genevieve sitting at San Churros chocolateria in Brunswick St. Posted by Picasa
shots of coldplay members on the big screen Posted by Picasa
Big screen at coldplay concert (not quite sharp but familiar images) Posted by Picasa
And it was all YELLOW Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14


I was annoyed that whenever I typed blog entries it all turned into one big lump of text.. and now I have found the setting to fix it (I think). And I get space for the little titles as well. Now I just have to think of imaginative ones! Hurrah

Last Day of the Holidays

I saw on Jac's blog a lovely picture of the sunrise this morning. I have to say that by the time I got up it was looking lovely but more like this: compared to Jacs pic of this: But still - I'm allowed to sleep in in the holidays! Today all I have lined up are exciting things like restocking on notebooks for uni from Big W (it will be my 2nd venture into the new one in Kingston!) and more house sorting out.
This evening I am going to something or other in Moonah to see Tahnee's boyfriend Andrew's band playing, and then to Salamanca for drinks with a friend going to the UK for a bit.

I had an interesting time demolishing Dads bathroom yetserday with a crowbar and sledge hammer! Actually he did the sledgehammering - which is good because only he is to blame for hte fact some plaster fell off the wall on the other side - which happens to be my bedroom. Hmmm - I don't fancy plaster in my bed.

Wednesday, July 12

Results Day

Today is results day for university students like me. However because Utas obviously can't quite cope, the best I've managed to get to so far (after 'utas server timed out') was a site that said 'You should not be at this page' and 'invalid location'... so I still don't know my results. Not sure that i'd post them on here anyway - but you get to read about my frustration in trying to find them!

My other plans for the day have also been foiled - was going to try to fix the wireless network on the desktop coputer at dads but I can't find the bit with the security settings that made it stop working, and I was going to take papers to centrelink but when I went home to Mums to get them yesterday unbeknownst to me they'd been hidden in a cupboard due to open home. Excellent! But with a change of plans, it may still be possible to do what needs to get done, just in a different order! Not much else to report.

Oh I saw Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest last night. Enjoyable but not as good as no 1. Its sillier and over the top...but Arrrr its still got some great effects and good pirates. Arrr.
I also watched Princess Mononoke - another Studio Ghibli anime film. I didn't like it as much as Howls Moving Castle and some of the others but I still enjoyed it. The tree spirits are great.

Tuesday, July 11

Blog-strolling... I went on an adventure to see what I could see!

This morning while putting off getting up properly (I've had breakfast....) I was having a look around a couple of other peoples blogs that I found with blogorama.

This one is all about 'fab packaging' of normal-ish supermarket products and it caught my eye!
Another one was a collection of someones collages - arty kinda stuff. I haven't explored it much but I was interested to see a record of someones ideas. The links to other sites from here included sites in English, I think Spanish, some arty, some political/poetic.. interesting!

One of the links, Blue Tea has a heap of interesting posts - links to photos - lego suicides, animation/claymation, mini photos etc. Looks like a collection I'd like to look into more except that Dads internet doens't have a large limit so I'll save it for another day. It did have a link to a Russian Climbing video clip Jack showed me the other day - kid climbing and leaping from rooftops, up and over and down buildings etc! Even the links down the side to other photo/games/arty/science/other random sites and blogs look fun to explore. I haven't worked out where most of these people are from, but another link I followed from Blue Tea was talking about Melbourne - not far from my world at all!

Home again

Hello. I thought that I wrote a blog since I've been home, but either I was dreaming or my computer rejected it rather than posting it as it should have! Still... I'm home and all is going well... Its holidays so there is no problem with me getting up late and doing very little. I watched some of the soccer yesterday morning. I had watched Pirates of the Carribean the night before on TV and then deliberately went to sleep on the couch. This way when my phone alarm went of at 4am all I had to do was turn the tv on. I would have watched it all but I went back to sleep at some point in the second half!! I woke in time for the penalty shots at the end and to see the ecstatic Italian team. I didn't want either France or Italy to win, however at least the socceroos were beaten by the team who took the World Cup!

Today I am going to look at a rental property with Tahnee - for her and Andrew, not me. My house story is still the same - Mum's is for sale, and settlement for the other one is coming closer... this means packing and sorting out lots of stuff at home. I'm pretending it doens't and have done nothing! But I will be back at Mum's tomorrow and perhaps I'll get stuck into it then if I can't find any other distractions.

Friday, July 7


I did write another post since I've been here in Grafton, however the internet was sooo slow(broadband = narrowband!!) and it died out just as I went to post it! So more about Melbourne later... but I will say that we went to the ACMI=Aus centre for the moving image where they had an exhibition relating to 50 years of TV. There was an A-Z of differetn elements of tv - news, gameshows, kids etc.. one letter featured a remix thing from a website called YouTube which we really enjoyed! I managed to find it - although the clip we saw was only part of what I found on the website. This is the clip we enjoyed - think techno lord of the rigns.
I also found an amusing Adams family clip while searching through the other Lord of the Rings clips. Anyway, back home tomorrow evening - flying Coffs Harbour to Sydney to Hobart. Normality will return soon enough but thankfully I have one more week of holidays before semester 2 starts.

Wednesday, July 5

Hello little blog.
I have had a fun time in Melbourne passing the time in a variety of ways - shopping, eating, shopping, walking lots, shopping, looking through some exhibitions etc. Got up early this morning for shuttle bus transfer to station and skybus to airport. Flew to Coolangatta (dont' even know how its spelt!!) where I met my Dads parents. They had just flown into Brisbane from a holiday of their own. Anyway we drove back to their place in Grafton where I'm staying for 3 nights. Out to dinner now - more later.

Wednesday, June 28

FOR SALE - Make it go away

I don't have a photo of it, but there is a big ugly yellow FOR SALE sign outside my house. I like the new house and I am warming to the idea of setting up my room and living areas there, however I still forget about the fact that it involves selling this house. And it turns out that our friendly Mr HodgePerson is quite keen to get our place on the market asap. Having told him yesterday he'd be the priveledged agent, he's already organised an aerial photograph, put up the For Sale sign, and told us itwill be in the paper saturday after next along with an open home that day! Eep.

I started a blog yesterday which is saved unfinished on Toshi (laptop) and I'm lacking energy to finish it now.. maybe one day! It just said that Tahnee and I spent yesterday and monday and saturday sanding and painting the verandah supporting posts and beams as well as the woodwork around the doors and windows onto the deck. Made a fair difference, but now I'm going to Melbourne for 10 days or so, and the open home is the day I get back (I arrive 8:30pm!!) so... TAG... next person can do some. I guess that leaves it with Mum and Hamish and I think Papa is coming down too.

In other news... not sure really... I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow!! Staying with my aunt and uncle for two nights, my friend Iona for another 2 nights and then a hostel with schoolie people for the next 2 nights. From there I head to Grafton for a couple of nights with my grandparents. Hopefully it will all be lots of fun. I want to do some shopping (while money holds out!!) as well as checking out some art, town... general atmosphere etc... Hanging out with Tahnee and all the rest will be lots of fun... Hurrah!

Monday, June 26

When we went to look at the new house the other day, my Mum took some photos of the insides. You can see them here:
Its all quite exciting. Meanwhile I've just retired inside afte ra day scraping and sanding the outside of Mum's house. Tomorrow we PAINT.

Friday, June 23

A house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall....

A house with a door, with a

A house with a roof, with a roof...

Yeah anyway. Although I could be making up words for the actions of some of the coaches on sidelines of recent World Cup soccer games, I am in fact talking about a real house. Which in 6 weeks time my Mum and partner Hamish will call their own. (This also means I get to live there - probably about half the time between there and dads). It's the 'dolls house' one I mentioned just before... quite close to the Clinical school, close to town... lots of good things. I hope it is good. Before moving though (a process I kinda tremble at the thought of!) there is lots to be done to Mum's house in Kingston - painting, packing, sorting, tidying in order to get ready to sell. But I have to say, it is exciting. There are some things to be done at some stage to the new place too - painting the inside so its not peachy colour, and at some point probably putting in a new kitchen/living area. So.. some day there'll have to be a house warming party... but we only found out today so lets not hurry things.

Oh but it does have a flag pole. Any suggestions for what we could fly? So far we considered the skull and cross bones, or skull and cross bones... or.. Ok actually that was all we thought of (even though 3 of us thought of it separately!). Or just no flag....

Sleep pattern = disturbed!

Once again my sleeping routine is out of sync. I went to bed at 1am, got up at 5am, went to bed at 8am and got up at about 11:30am! All in the name of sport. Not like my usual self... am I ill??? Nah its all good... it was the socceroos game against Croatia. And it was a draw - which probably led to more partyig for Aus fans than our win against Japan!!! However it does mean we are through to the second round. It was a tense game - I'd say the entire nation's blood pressure was above normal for that time of day!! In both halves the other guys scored and we manged to equalise eventually.. but until we did it looked bad! And their second goal was a pathetic shot that our pathetic goalie lay in front of while it bounced over his body... Hmmm. Bring back Schwarzer we say!

Despite plans to go watch the game at other venues, it ended up being me crashing at Tahnee's, then getting up to watch the game with her and her family - Chris, Peta and Brad. Some interesting family dynamics - Brad suggesting that we may as well mute it and listen to Chris' version may give some idea.. but it was fun to watch it with them all.

And now on with the day... another holiday day well spent... we planned some melbourne things for next week, and had cups of tea... all important holiday things to do.. now Nachos for 'lunch'!

Wednesday, June 21


Yesterday I went to look at a house in the Glebe with Mum and Hamish, and Jo who came along for advice! I have to say - it was really quite nice. The insides are all a horrible colour but that can be fixed... there were lots of rooms - probably more than needed but for the price its amazing - would get something much smaller in other areas we were looking. It had potential to add another kitchen upstairs and then I could (if i wanted) virtually have a floor and Mum and Hamish could have a floor. It looks kinda like a Dolls House! I think I would miss looking onto the water, but it looks onto the mountain. The water at least isn't that far away - walking to the docks wouldn't take long, and the botanical gardens and domain are just around the corner as well.

These are just some quick pictures I took with my phone - not brilliant images but you get the idea. Its on a slope, but the street is across it rather than one of the really steep ones there. There isn't much turning/parking room but we think you could get our 3 cars in the driveway... so long as they aren't too long cos they'd hit the road going up it!