Sunday, September 30

Long lost blogger

Well, for no specific reason other than I've been busy, and life has seemed relatively normal I haven't made time to post anything here for a long time. I still have lots to do, but a very short update is in order.

Today my Mum and her husband Hamish come back from their 3 months stint overseas following their wedding in June. I hope that the house will be considered tidy enough - I think I managed to look after it well enough. It was handy to have some help tidying up and cleaning from Ruth and Claire before they left - it was fun turning the house into a semi-uni-student-house for a while. We even had the obligatory onions sprouting, blown lightbulbs, broken heaters and so-on.

I have lots of uni work to do - my last assignment is due tomorrow which will be a relief (having just done 3 essays as well - thats a lot of assignments for my course!). I got my exam timetable - first one is the day after my 21st birthday on the 27th of October, and the 2nd/last is on the 1st of November. This is handy in terms of finishing early but it does give me less time to study for them - and there is certainly a lot to learn.

When I say that my life hasn't been interesting, that's probably not true. In the past few months I had my voyage on the Young Endeavour, a day ski trip to Ben Lomond, a week ski trip to Mt Hotham and Melbourne with Tim, Jack and Ruth and some other friends Richo and Fi (Richo is another medlet with Jack, Ruth and I), I've met some of Tim's family, had my friend Jac to stay and no doubt other noteworthy events.. if only I could think of them!

I'm currently involved in running an Indonesian Night supporting International Red Cross Blood Services in Bandah Aceh. Here is a little promo video about it, and if you're on facebook there is an event page for it. Or just ask me - its on in a week.