Friday, August 25

Busy busy busy...

I've had an up and down sort of time lately. Lots of good things are happening, but the problem is that I spend lots of time doing things other than study, then feel behind and stressed. And despite not having done much in the way of getting ready to move house that is feeling slightly stressful too - or perhaps because I've done so little!

However the house has started the process of transformation on the inside - turning from the peach colour I've mentioned before to a much nicer pleasant light colour - I think technically its of the mushroom spectrum. But don't worry - its basically a slightly warm white that is different enough to not be the same as the white ceiling.

Other things that have been happening included the Submerge/youth group 40 Hour famine sleepover. This was kinda fun and good etc although also hard work and various events unfolded to make it slightly more stressful for the leaders on empty stomachs and little sleep. But hopefully the kids enjoyed themselves. On the friday night of last week I went to an African dinner held by IMPACT (group of med people interested in helping overseas work). We were raising money for the World Vision/Ausaid (i think) 10X appeal-so the $2300 we raised turns into $23000 worth of emergency food relief. I never could quite understand who puts in the extra money but it sounds good to me.

I went to Rustica (rural health society at uni) skill night on Tuesday. They had various stations of which we could choose 2 and then food and drinks afterwards. I did airway management - learnt how to put airways in a dummy and ventilate them. The little airways were fine although I think the long tube one went the wrong way because you couldn't pump air in... ie must have ended up in the oesaphagus going towards the stomach! Ah well... I also did the venepuncture station so got to learn how to take blood from veins. I took blood from one of the other first years with amazingly obvious veins and it was really easy - and he was brave! I even (me the needlephobe) volunteered my arm but then once the tornique was on and the alcohol had been swabbed we decided my veins weren't as easy as the other guy and Chloe did it on him again. Poor guy! Mine were there and you could feel them but not see them, so the guy running it suggested starting easy as possible. Ah well.. one day I'll be brave. Am planning to give blood some day but not sure about that idea either.. it keeps getting put off!

Otherwise - another busy weekend ahead. It was Dads birthday yesterday and I said I'd cook him dinner on sunday. Should be delicious but will report later when i decide which dessert to go with the Paella! Also going out to dinner with him and Kate and my aunt and uncle tonight. Should be yummy!

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JacWabbit said...

Hey Kate,

I hope the dinner went well. Looking forward to hearing all about it, menu included.

I'm hoping the stress has calmed down some. I've been thinking of you.

Huge hugs-