Wednesday, June 28

FOR SALE - Make it go away

I don't have a photo of it, but there is a big ugly yellow FOR SALE sign outside my house. I like the new house and I am warming to the idea of setting up my room and living areas there, however I still forget about the fact that it involves selling this house. And it turns out that our friendly Mr HodgePerson is quite keen to get our place on the market asap. Having told him yesterday he'd be the priveledged agent, he's already organised an aerial photograph, put up the For Sale sign, and told us itwill be in the paper saturday after next along with an open home that day! Eep.

I started a blog yesterday which is saved unfinished on Toshi (laptop) and I'm lacking energy to finish it now.. maybe one day! It just said that Tahnee and I spent yesterday and monday and saturday sanding and painting the verandah supporting posts and beams as well as the woodwork around the doors and windows onto the deck. Made a fair difference, but now I'm going to Melbourne for 10 days or so, and the open home is the day I get back (I arrive 8:30pm!!) so... TAG... next person can do some. I guess that leaves it with Mum and Hamish and I think Papa is coming down too.

In other news... not sure really... I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow!! Staying with my aunt and uncle for two nights, my friend Iona for another 2 nights and then a hostel with schoolie people for the next 2 nights. From there I head to Grafton for a couple of nights with my grandparents. Hopefully it will all be lots of fun. I want to do some shopping (while money holds out!!) as well as checking out some art, town... general atmosphere etc... Hanging out with Tahnee and all the rest will be lots of fun... Hurrah!

Monday, June 26

When we went to look at the new house the other day, my Mum took some photos of the insides. You can see them here:
Its all quite exciting. Meanwhile I've just retired inside afte ra day scraping and sanding the outside of Mum's house. Tomorrow we PAINT.

Friday, June 23

A house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall....

A house with a door, with a

A house with a roof, with a roof...

Yeah anyway. Although I could be making up words for the actions of some of the coaches on sidelines of recent World Cup soccer games, I am in fact talking about a real house. Which in 6 weeks time my Mum and partner Hamish will call their own. (This also means I get to live there - probably about half the time between there and dads). It's the 'dolls house' one I mentioned just before... quite close to the Clinical school, close to town... lots of good things. I hope it is good. Before moving though (a process I kinda tremble at the thought of!) there is lots to be done to Mum's house in Kingston - painting, packing, sorting, tidying in order to get ready to sell. But I have to say, it is exciting. There are some things to be done at some stage to the new place too - painting the inside so its not peachy colour, and at some point probably putting in a new kitchen/living area. So.. some day there'll have to be a house warming party... but we only found out today so lets not hurry things.

Oh but it does have a flag pole. Any suggestions for what we could fly? So far we considered the skull and cross bones, or skull and cross bones... or.. Ok actually that was all we thought of (even though 3 of us thought of it separately!). Or just no flag....

Sleep pattern = disturbed!

Once again my sleeping routine is out of sync. I went to bed at 1am, got up at 5am, went to bed at 8am and got up at about 11:30am! All in the name of sport. Not like my usual self... am I ill??? Nah its all good... it was the socceroos game against Croatia. And it was a draw - which probably led to more partyig for Aus fans than our win against Japan!!! However it does mean we are through to the second round. It was a tense game - I'd say the entire nation's blood pressure was above normal for that time of day!! In both halves the other guys scored and we manged to equalise eventually.. but until we did it looked bad! And their second goal was a pathetic shot that our pathetic goalie lay in front of while it bounced over his body... Hmmm. Bring back Schwarzer we say!

Despite plans to go watch the game at other venues, it ended up being me crashing at Tahnee's, then getting up to watch the game with her and her family - Chris, Peta and Brad. Some interesting family dynamics - Brad suggesting that we may as well mute it and listen to Chris' version may give some idea.. but it was fun to watch it with them all.

And now on with the day... another holiday day well spent... we planned some melbourne things for next week, and had cups of tea... all important holiday things to do.. now Nachos for 'lunch'!

Wednesday, June 21


Yesterday I went to look at a house in the Glebe with Mum and Hamish, and Jo who came along for advice! I have to say - it was really quite nice. The insides are all a horrible colour but that can be fixed... there were lots of rooms - probably more than needed but for the price its amazing - would get something much smaller in other areas we were looking. It had potential to add another kitchen upstairs and then I could (if i wanted) virtually have a floor and Mum and Hamish could have a floor. It looks kinda like a Dolls House! I think I would miss looking onto the water, but it looks onto the mountain. The water at least isn't that far away - walking to the docks wouldn't take long, and the botanical gardens and domain are just around the corner as well.

These are just some quick pictures I took with my phone - not brilliant images but you get the idea. Its on a slope, but the street is across it rather than one of the really steep ones there. There isn't much turning/parking room but we think you could get our 3 cars in the driveway... so long as they aren't too long cos they'd hit the road going up it!

Its Holidays!

Woohoo. Yesterday was my last exam. Hurrah I am 1/10 of the way through my course - except that assumes no failing (should be ok) but ignores the fact our semesters get longer when they start eating into our holidays! But still... semester 1 year 1 is over and done with. I think the exams were all ok, although our theme 2-5 one was kinda like waffling crap you hope they want to hear - although it was hard to tell which direction they wanted the answers to go! That was the one on communication, ethics, community health, and integration which so far is information literacy - a million (or several) questions on locating resources in databases.

But moving on from that... did i mention its holidays! Woohoo... This means I have time to see people I haven't seen all semester, and hang out, watch dvds etc. On my list to watch, possibly, is season 3 of Spooks, Scrubs cos i still haven't seen any and it doens't seem like you can do med and not see it, some more Miyazako (I think)/Studio Ghibli films. (Thanks Jac!!) He is the guy who did the anime film I mentioned in an earlier post - Spirited Away. Since then I watched another of his, Howl's Moving Castle which I also really liked. Not sure what else... still haven't seen X-men 3 or Da Vinci Code... problem with being busy lately is that lots of other people have!!

Other plans... running away to Melbourne for a bit, to see Coldplay, maybe an AFL game, shopping while the money lasts... etc. On the money note, I'll probably be put to work - there is painting to be done at Mums (outside) and Dads (inside) so that might keep me out of some mischief!

Anyway... hi to anyone... goodluck if you still have exams or hope life is treating you nicely if not. :) Post a comment if you want - its nice to see who's got nothing better to do!!!

Monday, June 19

So... study seems to involve lots of stayingup lte playing computer games, watching world cup soccer games and playing board games. I should work on going to bed before 4 tonight, it being the night before my last exam but its all good!!! Holidays after 2 o'clock exam tomorrow! HURRAH!
And after exam I am going with Mum and Hamish and Jo to look at a house in the Glebe... interesting... it looks cool (kinda like a dolls house). More on that later.

Thursday, June 15

Sill studying... in theory. I had an exam on monday which was probably the hardest one, except it turned out to be quite easy. I have another one tomorrow, but it should also be easy.. unless they are being tricky and make extra hard questions. But we think we should be able to make most of it up! Or... ok I'll do a little bit more study but really... its on the 'fluff' part of our course - not denying its not important, but its hard to define and a bit wishy washy!!

In the mean time I've been *ahem* watching movies and playing computer games... just a little bit! Somehow studying with my uni buddies Jack and Ruth turned into wireless network game of empire earth! Shh don't tell anyone... more geekyness!!! And today we managed to make multiplayer Heroes of Might and Magic 4 work.... didn't finish that game yet. Unlike the Empire Earth game we're not all on the same team....

The 2 movies I've seen this week - Cars at the movies on Tuesday. Was quite a good animated movie, although initially I was worried that a movie purely about cars could not deliver what I'd come to expect from a Pixar movie! The beginning Pixar clip titled 'One Man Band' was awesome, and the few scenes at the end with the credits were worth waiting for as well!

I also finally watched 'Spirited Away' which is an anime movie last night. It was also quite cool - a story about a sour little girl who gets herself into a spirit world and has to survive, rescue her parents and get out again eventually! There were some cool different spirits and monsters and dragons (in anime style)... with only a few anime style oddities in the story line. The trailers on the dvd were also fun - gave me ideas of more anime movies I could watch to educate myself... I feel sure its an important life skill/area!!!

Well.. enough of a break... a tiny bit more study then I'll call it quits for tonight. Unless of course I get hooked on soccer.. which is another feature of this week! I watched the awesome game of Australia against Japan where we came back from 1-0 to win 3-1 all within the last 10 minutes! And last night was Spain v Ukraine - Spain won 4-0 in a very impressive performance. And now its Equador in their colourful red yellow and blu against equador mainly in white... 1-0 to Equador so far. :)