Saturday, September 2

Last night in my house

Today I did lots of putting things in boxes and not a lot of sorting things out!! But I had my friend Laura come and give expert advice. She's moved house at least 3 times in the year or something or other (lots anyway!). She helped put lots of things in boxes - which are stil all over my room but at least here'snot much on the shelves! I kept saying to Laura 'should I keep this?' and she'd look at me with a look that said 'do you really think you need that?' and then maybe I would throw it out. Except when I didn't.

I guess a mix of feelings... exciting new house, but have had lots of good times here. It has been the place I've lived the majority of my life - and who knows where the next 15 years will take me, or when I'll next spend 15 years in one house. But still - a house is a house, and even when its a home, its not the defining part of my existence.

We had Megan and Alistair and Jean round for dinner with Mum and Hamish. It was a nice evening - good way to finish time here I guess - and Tahnee and Andrew are coming for lunch tomorrow. Removalists are coming monday and tuesday I think - beds etc I think move tuesday, but I usually stay at Dads sunday to tuesday nights anyway. But won't be long and I'll have first night sleeping in the chaos of a new house. Going into my room with lots of things packed up almost reminded me of the night before going on a big holiday-particularly when you'd have to get up early for a flight. I would go to bed with my bag packed at the end of my bed, and just the clothes the wear that day out. I'd fall asleep knowing a whole new adventure would be starting the next day. I guess some of the same is true now - except my shelves look bare, the floor is still a mess and not all the boxes are shut. And beats me what I'll find to wear tomorrow. But the same is true - a new chapter will begin - with plenty of room for people visiting, playing board games, sitting, drinking tea, passing hte time of day, discussing meaning of life etc etc etc


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