Tuesday, August 29

Weekend wanderings

No doubt I should be studying for my test tomorrow (or not.. its mcq and they ask such peripheral questions I'm unsure studying is useful!) however I promised to update you masses on the dinner I cooked on sunday night. I wonder if its a reflection on how infrequently I cook that its blog worthy... No i think, I do cook but normally a more 'whatever goes' meal rather than planned and shopped for by me in advance! So Sunday night for Dads birthday I cooked a delicious paella with saffron, rice, chicken, chorizo sausage, and seafood - including mussels, squid, prawns, and ling. Delicious! It is a bonus that it looks so spectacular - the yellow rice with the red and green capsicum and peas, and all the colourful bits of sausage etc. Yummmmmmm. Then to follow up, mostly because I wanted to play with Dads mini blow-torch, I decided to make creme brulee. I had this plan of making them earlier in the day so they could cool like they were supposed to, but... well needless to say it didn't happen. But I made them just before having to go out and set the oven to turn off at the appropriate time. I came back and they were looking nice and cooked - all I had to do was sprinkle sugar and torch 'em! Dad said they were set just slightly more than they should have been - but not sure I'd have turned them off any earlier even if I'd been there. Anyway.. very tasty, and easy.. though the ingredients can't make it health food!!

My weekend (again) had a general theme of events that did a good job of distracting me from study. Sunday morning was a friends birthday brunch at her parents place which was pleasant. Saturday night was the med ball - everyone dressed up and looked lovely. I didn't end up going out afterwards and sadly got home before Dad and Kate - but thats cos our venue shut and wanted us out and theirs let them stay longer. I could have gone out but phone went flat and couldn't meet anyone and knew I had lots on.. then Ruth's Dad was there offering a lift... it was just too easy! Earlier that day I'd made the perfect breakfast for Tahnee and myself - french toast with maple syrup before we made a trip to town for Natty's birthday present. I zoomed back to Mum's after that to catch up with my grandparents before they headed back to Lonny. As I arrived I noticed Mum was wearing a nice new necklance and earrings - and as I soon found out a new engagement ring also. So that exciting piece of news and Hamish ringing assorted relatives kept me distracted on and off for lots of the day! I think its great, not so much because its conventional, but because they are great together. And hey - some more parties to celebrate that must be good!!


JacWabbit said...

"not so much because its conventional, but because they are great together" Whole-heartedly agree ^_^ I, also, am stoked by said news!

The dinner sounds wonderful! So, I know what you're cooking me when you come to visit (I can dream - both of visit and food). Jenna once made me an incredible risotto that had star anise in it. Off topic I know but it threw be because it was such an unexpected ingredient, but so good! I think that one also had spicy sausage (perhaps chinese) and shitake - although my memory is not crash hot to can't be quoted on that.

Brulee is one of my all time favorite desserts. Jamie Oliver has an incredible recipe for brulee with rhubarb on the bottom! Don't know how you feel about rhubarb but I love it!

CupKate said...

Kate has the book with the amazing rhubarb one - I did consider that. But, after consulting with Katherine at dinner on friday night, I thought I should go the pure vanilla unadulterated kind. (She had Cradle Mt honey creme brulee at restaraunt). At least for the first time. Besides I found a recipe where you mix ingredients, put in ramekins and put in over -no heating milk etc involved!!! But rhubarb may feature one other time!
Now considering what to grab on the way to dinner at Tahnee's tonight - she is teaching till 6:30 so I said I'd pick something up to cook. So many options.. perusing cookbook for inspiration of which flavours... honey soy, satay.... hmmm its such a lovely day, maybe summery food!

JacWabbit said...

What's mcq? That's been bugging me!

I've been feeling like I have heartburn all day, but it might be the visa stress. Not a good feeling! I hope Jo is doing ok. I'm so glad Clare is there too, even if they don't let her in the building!

I think you need some of these as study helpers :)

CupKate said...

MCQ should be something exciting like miniature clay quarks or something random.. but instead its multiple choice questions/quiz. Test went ok... few i had no idea (didn't study much in the end.. but the questions are so often left field you'd have to know it all inside out to have studied the right stuff!). Should have done well enough tho I think.
And teh critters/microbes etc are brilliant. My cousins in UK got given some by US cousins - mad cow and something else from memory. I think i should get some one day!