Sunday, August 13

it must be the weather for moving house!

This weekend, Tahnee also moved house. I arrived in time to help with the last load of things from her car. We unpacked one of the boxes to find all her mugs wrapped in newspaper to make the first cup of tea since its been 'her' place (well and Andrew's, but he hadn't taken anything there yet!!). Hopefully many more cups of tea.. and other beverages will be consumed there and it will be a happy home. It was quite exciting unpacking her kitcheny things and putting things away - after deciding where away should be! When Tahnee had to go, I went to visit another friend Megan who's just moved out. See - its in the water or something. Or I guess, there is the possibility its the age and stage some of my friends are getting to. I'm getting to a similar age (give or take a year!) but am content for the time being with my two homes, and currently 3 houses!! It will be enough of a change for me to move from my family home to the new house - will enjoy living there for a bit (read maybe 'quite a bit') before I feel the need to move out! Hey... I'll have 2 houses each within about 10 minutes walk or less of my two different uni campuses! Hurrah. Posted by Picasa

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