Wednesday, October 18

Mark's 21st

Saturday was Mark's 21st birthday party. It was a formal party at his house - lots of fun with everyone looking very nice and dressed up. I couldn't decide whether to wear a knee length-ish dress of mine, or my school formal dress, but in the end i went with the one from school. Its a really nice dress - but very long and definitely formal. I went with that one because Heather said she was wearing her bridesmaids dress which was also really long! Anyway it was all good fun. Afterwards we we went to Tele for a bit - there was a band on which was fun, although Mark and I were both tired and were ready to head home fairly soon after! He'd been rushing around getting ready, then being a bit nervous before people came and then doing an excellent job of being host and talking to all the different people. I just spent the day studying and didn't even feel like I got through a lot.

Now Dad keeps reminding me how many days I have left of uni (2 after today) and telling me not to worry about going to lectures. On the other hand i feel a bit stressed about how much there is to learn.. but I'm getting there. Just need to focus and get through it all. Studying last night was all fine (with Jack and Ruth) until Jack's bratty side of personality reared its head and he kept turning off my laptop or just being generally disruptive!!! Hehe.. must have been time for a break anyway.

Otherwise, all going well.. will be glad when exams are over and i don't feel guilty if i don't anything other than studying. Doesn't entirely stop me though....

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