Sunday, August 13


Well.... house is sold (you knew that, but the sticker finally appeared to support the evidence of contrasct signing etc). And we got the keys for the new house last weekend. We had a little party there on friday night - camping out with take-away Indian and sushi, sitting in fold-up chairs around a card table. Lots of fun. We also had sunday lunch there with another selection of people. We thought it was good to start out the way we want to continue - lots of friends and food regularly!! So now we have 2 houses for 2 months. This means there is lots of time to get the old one sorted and packed. Still, that requires starting.. and its another sunday night of a weekend where I've achieved nothing in the way of packing. Oops.
But back to the new house. Hurrah - the painters have started scraping etc to get downstairs rooms ready for a paint job. Above is just a little pic showing a combination of colours in the bathroom - maroon-ish on tiles, orange-ish wall, red-ish door. Mmmm. Bad light but it doesn't solve the fact its orange!! So... change is welcome. And we'll work on doing some other bits at some point, hopefully before moving in too much.
And for some reason, the only other photo I took was this, of the toilet. Nothing special - except the sticker that says in many languages 'remove before use'. Obviously no-one bothered with that because I don't think its a new addition!!! Ah well... easily fixed I guess. Posted by Picasa

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