Sunday, July 30

I don't like what I see...

Its another Sunday afternoon, and the weekend is nearly gone as I get ready for the week. I have to print out my lecture notes and week outline and bits and pieces. Some people may or may not know, that despite me being amazing and brave and confident in all sorts of ways (hehe!) I'm actually really not a big fan of needles. Ok.. so I locked myself in the toilet at Mum's work one of the (relatively recent) tiems I was going to be vaccinated. And now we have a blood prac this week. First paragraph, safety guidlines as folows:
Students must only use their own blood for their personal experiment.

I think somehow, that involves getting the blood out of me. This is confirmed on the next page where you get 'add four drops of your own blood to....'
I can deal with taking other people's blood but I don't want to be stabbed! Will have to be big and brave and get over it one day... this week!
In other news, we get the house monday week - a week from tomorrow... wheeeeee! But seems liek our plan is to actually move in mid-semester break so that gives us about 5 weeks to get sorted. Lots to do....