Sunday, June 3


Apart from ongoing study, todays only abnormal events are that I left the house briefly to go to the supermarket and that I had a flu vaccination. The latter was significant for 2 reasons in that I really hate needles but (I think) I was quite brave! Mum's trick was always to tell the patient (here=me) to count to 10 and it would all be over. Mum had brought said vaccinations in their little preprepared syringes home and had them in the fridge where they glared (sort of) at me everytime I went to get something. Anyway, just for practice, I let Jack do mine - and he did fine although I counted to ten in Spanish to take my mind off it, and it wasn't quite over and I couldn't remember what 11 was. Anyway, the upside was that I got to give Hamish his. Although he was very good he got revenge on me later this evening by gaffa taping me so I was trapped - hands and feet taped! I was laughing too much to struggle and stop it happening... but I got him back afterwards. He continued to try to use the slightly less sticky gaffa tape (now more like rope) to throw nooses at me, make trip wires and tie me inside the bathroom. Needless to say, I outfoiled him.

While 'studying' Ruth and I found the playmobil hospital set in my old dolls house in the room she had been working. The logical option was to use our time wisely and set it up - it had an operating theatre, as resident alcoholic with a supply of small green bottles and a paeds ward at the back. There was also a healthy lunch menu on offer.
But we thought carefully about the drugs we'd learnt and decided the one in the orange bottle would be most helpful for everyone there.