Wednesday, November 8

3/4 done but it might as well be holidays

Woohoo!! Yesterday was my last big exam for first year uni. In actual fact i have to be present for one more next week but it will wonly be 10 minutes and should be fine. I'll do some practice for it tomorrow - it involves taking a patient history and doing an examination of either shoulder, wrist, knee or ankle joints - depending on what they decide the story is. It will end up taking all afternoon until we can go but thats only because we are sequestered until the last group starts. Grr. Ah well... at least by then there'll be nothing else I can stress about preparing for.

So now... all this time and space to think about the things I'd like to spend my time doing - there are a whole list of things I should have done when we moved that I still havent sorted out! I have a shelf I made a while ago to put up in my new room, more boxes of books to sort and put into my bookshelf, I have 2 boxes in my room with trophies/soft toys etc which I think are to be kept so they need to be found a home. Plus other fun things - a girl from Uni and I are planning to cook an Indonesian meal someday (before she goes home for summer), I want to watch more studio Ghibli movies, LoTR movies again, go op-shopping, buy a hub cap.... all sorts of fun and games! And hopefully find a bit more time to see Mark - without feeling that one or both of us should be studying.

And just in case I thought I might get bored (or Dad might find me lots of work to do for him) my old friendly chemist people rang and offered me 30 hours of work a week... starting next week! So that should help my bank balance and keep me out of mischief-ss well as some sailing coaching, cleaning and babysitting! I think I'll need a holiday after all that!!!!!

But now to help Tahnee study for her contemporary English exam - involves the challenging task of watching Bridget Jones Diary! (But I'd rather that than silence of the lambs).

And soon there will be more photos of things.. just requires me to get organised and take the pictures and find card reader :)

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