Friday, September 15


Back to uni this week -has been a blast. Or kind of, a bludge. Nice to ease into it after a week off though... the reason for all this is that it's 'rural week' and we have no actual lectures on anything science/medicine-ish. We have had talk from rural doctors, rural medical students, interviewed patients from urban and rural areas. This even included going to Oatlands for the day.

Our trip to Oatlands included arriving ahead of schedule, being provided with morning tea, meeting practice manager of communityhealth centre, having tour of centre/4 bed hospital/nursing home facility, having lunch, interviewing a couple of patients, having afternoon tea and going home! And somehow ABC thought that was newsworthy and came along to watch. I am told I was on the television that night by at least 5 sources... so some people recognised me (and tell me i looked like I was paying attention) but I missed it!

Other parts of rural week have seemed a little bit irrelevant and peripheral, although relatively enjoyable and at least I'm not getting more behind. Not that I've done a lot of catching up either! Working on it....

And of course... the most interesting news. There is a boy. I think he's lovely... we'll see what happens as we adjust to not being just friends and how it all goes.. not too many details here! (Tho private correspondence may be entered into if appropriate!!)

Bed time now.. last day of rurality to look forward to tomorrow.. mostly it had 3 hours free time in the middle of the day!


Laura said...

oh, oh. you are so mysterious and conservative about this 'mystery' boy. who is he? where did he come from?.... and why is he green?

CupKate said...

I don't know.. why is he green? Did I say he was green?
His name is Mark, I met him a while back on a sailing camp (ah camps.. hehe). Not that he likes sailing! Although I believe he did admit to enjoying it when he was forced once..
Otherwise.. perhaps he's green because he came from the moon, and he is an alien. Now that I think about it that would explain the antennae too!