Thursday, August 3

Comments Welcome

Apparently I'd removed the link for comments to be made! Oops. Well hopefully I made it come back now. Feel free to say hi :)
PS we get the keys for the hosue on Friday - very exciting. Must be weather for moving too - on monday I went with Tahnee to see the place she and Andrew just signed the lease for! Its nice - will be cosy, but hopefully good value and good location.
More on house soon... for now pizza while sitting on the floor?


Skilly said...

hey! hey! Kate!! lookie lookie, I am converting to blogspot too !!! :D :D :D

JacWabbit said...

Yay, we can post again!

Keys to house = photos in Jac's inbox??

Speaking on which, can you PLEASE take photos of graduation/dinner to send to me, I'd really appreciate it. Sure sucks missing that one :( But it's great timing so that, at least, is a blessing ^_^