Friday, July 7


I did write another post since I've been here in Grafton, however the internet was sooo slow(broadband = narrowband!!) and it died out just as I went to post it! So more about Melbourne later... but I will say that we went to the ACMI=Aus centre for the moving image where they had an exhibition relating to 50 years of TV. There was an A-Z of differetn elements of tv - news, gameshows, kids etc.. one letter featured a remix thing from a website called YouTube which we really enjoyed! I managed to find it - although the clip we saw was only part of what I found on the website. This is the clip we enjoyed - think techno lord of the rigns.
I also found an amusing Adams family clip while searching through the other Lord of the Rings clips. Anyway, back home tomorrow evening - flying Coffs Harbour to Sydney to Hobart. Normality will return soon enough but thankfully I have one more week of holidays before semester 2 starts.

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