Tuesday, October 3

study study study (kind of)

Well it seems its one month till exams, and I have rather a lot to do. I've been doing my best to settle down and study a whole lot. This kinda meant that on the weekend, I went to a South American salsa night - charity dinnner with meal, auction and raffle, and salsa dance lessons from a registrar at the hospital. Lots of fun - a few other first years came too which was good. The last of these dinners I went to, I was the only first year. The dancing was good fun - the first guy who was my partner was fairly woeful, but then I danced with my friend Mel's boyfriend and he had a bit more groove, then Mark arrived after work - quite a good dancer he is!

Saturday brought a lovely sunny day, and me being useful - helping with maintenance of the oppies (small plastic tubs=sailing boats) at the sailing club before the season starts next week. I also went up to my kingston house to fill my car with some last bits and pieces to transport to town house. In the evening Tahnee and Andrew and I went to an amazing concert at the Con. It was a band with Andrew Legg, and some other local and less local muso's who were brilliant. So much talent! Afterwards, Tahnee, Andrew, Jack and Ruth (who were already at my place and had stayed there while I was at the concert!) and then Mark (after grandfinal party) hung out till later. Sadly it didnt feel as late as it was with the change to daylight savings. But at least the light is nice in the evenings now.

On Sunday I ran kids church - at late notice, so with the support of a VeggieTales dvd, and some jelly snakes :). I had lunch with Tahnee at citrus moon - sitting outside because it was such lovely weather, with Ty (her small furrry dog) getting lots of comments about him from passers by. Lunch was pleasant, although we were less impressed with the standard compared to the good old days - prices have gone up considerably and the range seems less. Hamish's step-son Karl stayed Sunday night - we had a nice meal and played a game of Puerto Rico along with another friend of mine. So.. a good weekened. Which did have a few little bits of study squished in.. but maybe not really enough. So.. busyness is going to have to be quashed for a while and I'm going to be a recluse and study lots. Although thats not something I'm very good at.. so we'll see!!

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