Wednesday, October 31

One Hit Wonder

This is an initiative started by some friends of mine - its sounds really great. Its amazing how simple it is to give $1 - its not even a coffee and I wouldn't blink about buying several of those in a week. I'm excited already watching the counter go up - its gone to $28 - from $24 when I contributed half an hour ago. This could be the beginning of something big....

Thursday, October 25

exams exams exams and 21st birthday parties!

Hi to anyone who reads this.. I'm in the midst of exams and studying hard (perhaps making up for lack of work in the semester), but despite this I've managed to have a 21st birthday at Republic last week, and a family birthday party at my cousins house last night. Both were great fun - with a good mix of family and friends making appearances at each.

I will put up some photos at a later date, but of note is the fact that I asked people to give me gifts from the Tear Very Useful Gift Catalogue... so now I have 3 goats, 2 organic vegetable gardens, 5 fresh water supplies, a family health nurse and some school supplies to my name. Lucky for me - they are all in other countries so I don't have to look after them - and they'll be great for other people.

On the more materialistic front, for my other part of birthday (so far - doing well considering my actual birthday is tomorrow!) I have an awesome new camera to play with, along with a gadgety tripod, a handmade knife made by my knifemaker cousin with a wooden board made by my uncle, a painting my grandmother painted on our trip in Spain, a cutlery set, some placemats, a teapot, photo frame, Bible dictionary, earring holder, some necklaces and earrings... all lovely and thoughtful!

Work time for me now... photos will come.