Tuesday, July 11

Home again

Hello. I thought that I wrote a blog since I've been home, but either I was dreaming or my computer rejected it rather than posting it as it should have! Still... I'm home and all is going well... Its holidays so there is no problem with me getting up late and doing very little. I watched some of the soccer yesterday morning. I had watched Pirates of the Carribean the night before on TV and then deliberately went to sleep on the couch. This way when my phone alarm went of at 4am all I had to do was turn the tv on. I would have watched it all but I went back to sleep at some point in the second half!! I woke in time for the penalty shots at the end and to see the ecstatic Italian team. I didn't want either France or Italy to win, however at least the socceroos were beaten by the team who took the World Cup!

Today I am going to look at a rental property with Tahnee - for her and Andrew, not me. My house story is still the same - Mum's is for sale, and settlement for the other one is coming closer... this means packing and sorting out lots of stuff at home. I'm pretending it doens't and have done nothing! But I will be back at Mum's tomorrow and perhaps I'll get stuck into it then if I can't find any other distractions.

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