Tuesday, July 11

Blog-strolling... I went on an adventure to see what I could see!

This morning while putting off getting up properly (I've had breakfast....) I was having a look around a couple of other peoples blogs that I found with blogorama.

This one is all about 'fab packaging' of normal-ish supermarket products and it caught my eye!
Another one was a collection of someones collages - arty kinda stuff. I haven't explored it much but I was interested to see a record of someones ideas. The links to other sites from here included sites in English, I think Spanish, some arty, some political/poetic.. interesting!

One of the links, Blue Tea has a heap of interesting posts - links to photos - lego suicides, animation/claymation, mini photos etc. Looks like a collection I'd like to look into more except that Dads internet doens't have a large limit so I'll save it for another day. It did have a link to a Russian Climbing video clip Jack showed me the other day - kid climbing and leaping from rooftops, up and over and down buildings etc! Even the links down the side to other photo/games/arty/science/other random sites and blogs look fun to explore. I haven't worked out where most of these people are from, but another link I followed from Blue Tea was talking about Melbourne - not far from my world at all!


bluewyvern said...

Hi, Kate -- I'm really glad you enjoyed your visit. Since you were wondering, I live in New York's Hudson Valley, not far from NYC.

Stop by any time. :)

CupKate said...

Wow - a little further to travel to the US, but the places you can go from a computer are amazing!