Wednesday, July 12

Results Day

Today is results day for university students like me. However because Utas obviously can't quite cope, the best I've managed to get to so far (after 'utas server timed out') was a site that said 'You should not be at this page' and 'invalid location'... so I still don't know my results. Not sure that i'd post them on here anyway - but you get to read about my frustration in trying to find them!

My other plans for the day have also been foiled - was going to try to fix the wireless network on the desktop coputer at dads but I can't find the bit with the security settings that made it stop working, and I was going to take papers to centrelink but when I went home to Mums to get them yesterday unbeknownst to me they'd been hidden in a cupboard due to open home. Excellent! But with a change of plans, it may still be possible to do what needs to get done, just in a different order! Not much else to report.

Oh I saw Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest last night. Enjoyable but not as good as no 1. Its sillier and over the top...but Arrrr its still got some great effects and good pirates. Arrr.
I also watched Princess Mononoke - another Studio Ghibli anime film. I didn't like it as much as Howls Moving Castle and some of the others but I still enjoyed it. The tree spirits are great.


Tahnee said...

Yay! Well I know what marks you got anyway so na na na na na na. (Everyone, she did VERY well!) hehehhe....

Yeh, princess mononoke not as good as howls, spirited or nausica i don't think - I really like nausica actually... But still enjoyable. Pleasant themes... and lots of blood, which is what med students want yeah?

CupKate said...

There was also lots of slime. This seems to be a theme in anime movies. Although this time there was no small cute creature which becomes attached to main character. Pirates of the Carribean also had slime.. but I don't want to give anything away now!

And results (finally!) were quite decent... :D