Friday, July 14

Last Day of the Holidays

I saw on Jac's blog a lovely picture of the sunrise this morning. I have to say that by the time I got up it was looking lovely but more like this: compared to Jacs pic of this: But still - I'm allowed to sleep in in the holidays! Today all I have lined up are exciting things like restocking on notebooks for uni from Big W (it will be my 2nd venture into the new one in Kingston!) and more house sorting out.
This evening I am going to something or other in Moonah to see Tahnee's boyfriend Andrew's band playing, and then to Salamanca for drinks with a friend going to the UK for a bit.

I had an interesting time demolishing Dads bathroom yetserday with a crowbar and sledge hammer! Actually he did the sledgehammering - which is good because only he is to blame for hte fact some plaster fell off the wall on the other side - which happens to be my bedroom. Hmmm - I don't fancy plaster in my bed.

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