Sunday, September 21

It dances!

Apparently this is what my new car does when I'm not watching. The only other important detail about my car is the colour: white. It also still needs a name.

For those more discerning about cars, its diesel, 1.6L, EGS (which is electronic gear shift I think - some sort of cross between manual and auto where you don't have to do anything if you don't want to, but you can shift up and down if you like) Citroen C4. And Tim's Dad helped us get a very good deal from the kind man at the un-named car shop who may said to my Mum as we left 'perhaps you'll want a Citroen one day' and left no doubt thought but unsaid 'but please don't send Derek!'

Background Reading

Yesterday I was looking for a piece of paper I was sure I had. I emptied two drawers, and the bottom shelf of a bookcase that was full of stuff from my last 2 and a 1/2 years of medical school, and covered about 1/4 my floor with stuff but didn't find it. Despite that, I've improved the state of that corner of my room - I can now see floor that I hadn't seen for some time (even if it got worse before getting better). I also found heaps of bits of paper from things like the Global Health Conference, and other Amnesty International newsletters etc that are all good but I often don't get around to reading! I've enjoyed(ish) reading through some of them - although certainly some are not good news, I feel I should know the truth about the current issues facing our world.

Despite setting out to 'study' I am only just getting my desk clear enough to begin that - however 'health' comes in many forms, so I can consider much of what I've been looking at related to my future medical career!! I was looking at the Make Poverty History page, and the upcoming challenge to set a new World Record for the 'Stand Up' campaign, as well as at the DVD clips on the Micah Challenge website and thought this clip has some pretty startling facts - risk of death in childbirth in Northern America 1/3500, compared to Africa 1/16! Yikes.

In other news, I have a pretty new car to drive (somewhat stark contrast to world poverty, but it is fuel efficient so I can spend less on getting around and be safe...) My med rotation is going well - I've done a couple of early ward rounds, met a few consultants and been lightly grilled. I'm soon handing over my role as part of the IMPACT group at uni though I'll stay involved to some degree no doubt, and I accidentally became one of the local reps for the international medical group IFMSA, so I'll be helping co-ordinate some exchanges next year.

I also attended Med Ball last weekend - 'gangsters and dames' theme. It was an enjoyable night, with some making the most of the included alcohol to a greater degree than others!! It was lovely to see everyone dressed up for the occasion. Tim wore my cousins very yellow suit - which went down well at the event (suitable to theme despite being very loud), although got some interesting looks around the rest of the casino!

Tim and I

Some of the girls

My whole year group (or those that were at the ball and weren't distracted by dessert)