Monday, September 4


Today we finished packing up my Kingston house. The packers had arrived just before me at 9am this morning and were seen now and then as fluoro orange streaks running up and down and wrapping things up and packing boxes! By the time I left about 1, there were piles of boxes in the kitchen as well as another box 'tower' in the room next to Mum's. There was nothing in my room except my clothes in drawers and a few hanging things in the cupboard which I have to pack into a suitcase tomorrow. My open shelves and cupboards (of which there were quite a few) were empty and my bed and bedside drawers thing were gone. The truck had taken it all away by the time Mum left - she was left without anything to sit on at all! Meanwhile Hamish and I, gratefully aided by Heather and Dot from church were cleaning the new place. So at the end of the day we have 2 empty houses- one house is probably quite dusty and dirty, and the new house is freshly painted, washed, dusted and just waiting to be filled... I'm staying at Dads!

Hamish complained at quite a few points about the amounts of stuff that we had and couldn't we just throw some of it out. We did actually throw out quite a bit - although its true there was a lot left. But at that point we were going through tools and so on in the garage. All very useful things... even if it doens't appear so to him. He even broke my wooden metre ruler so he could throw it out - which I was quite annoyed about. And now Dad tells me you can't get ones like that anymore. Grr. I tried to tell him he'd feel the same if people made him throw out his fishing stuff or LARGE collection of love tokens, random coins and old things.

But on other issues... hmm moving seems to have taken up my entire sphere of thought today. Anyway - despite being tired and all seeming slightly irritable by the end of today, the whole moving business is still quite exciting! A new era begins...

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