Wednesday, June 21


Yesterday I went to look at a house in the Glebe with Mum and Hamish, and Jo who came along for advice! I have to say - it was really quite nice. The insides are all a horrible colour but that can be fixed... there were lots of rooms - probably more than needed but for the price its amazing - would get something much smaller in other areas we were looking. It had potential to add another kitchen upstairs and then I could (if i wanted) virtually have a floor and Mum and Hamish could have a floor. It looks kinda like a Dolls House! I think I would miss looking onto the water, but it looks onto the mountain. The water at least isn't that far away - walking to the docks wouldn't take long, and the botanical gardens and domain are just around the corner as well.

These are just some quick pictures I took with my phone - not brilliant images but you get the idea. Its on a slope, but the street is across it rather than one of the really steep ones there. There isn't much turning/parking room but we think you could get our 3 cars in the driveway... so long as they aren't too long cos they'd hit the road going up it!

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JacWabbit said...

The house is Lovely!!!