Monday, March 26

Not what I should be doing... as usual!

I keep thinking of all these fun things I'd like to do - play more board games, take more photos, have more cups of tea with people... read random blogs, look at strange animations, make books, read books, call people, listen to music, play guitar, teach myself Spanish or Swedish... and some of these things I can make time to do in little bits on pieces of time. But I keep avoiding things that do need tob e done - study, scholarship applications and sleep! Ah well - I did have a busy weekend, including seeing Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen on Sunday night, and Dream Masons tonight - both part of 10 Days of the Island and most enjoyable.

Time for me to make a cup of tea and settle into my pharm logbook before I fall asleep - nearly 45 minutes since i told myself I'd start and I haven't done much except delete about 250 songs from itumes (I had 4GB of duplicated music!). Its still a mess and I don't know that I like itunes but don't know if I feel strongly enough to change...

I also need to think of a costume for the TUMSS cocktail party on Saturday - halloween and horror theme. Any ideas? Last weeks dress up party on Friday went well - 'P' theme - I did Portrait and carried a frame. I will add photos but not right now. I know I've said that for a lot.. but one day there could be a lot of photos!

Monday, March 5

Just a few low res pictures from my phone!

Just a couple of average quality pictures taken with my phone (its just hanging in there but doesn't actually charge the battery when you plug it in anymore!) but I thought I'd upload them anyway. This first one, is for Jo - I think it's her teddy (unless its Hugh's) but I forgot his name. We were sitting outside after lunch and Cooper was making us all cups of tea... and Teddy was sunsafe!The next is from when I went to see Peter Bjorn and John at Republic on thursday - I didn't take my real camera, but still decided to take a pic of me and John the drummer after he (and Peter and Bjorn) signed my CD!

And here's Cush... the gorgeous and loveable cat that visits me from next door... although I haven't seen him for a little while. A very cuddly cat :)

Reposted Pictures

Sometime towards the end of last year my 'big-sister' Jo went to Texas to be with Jac. She took with her a cat-rabbit creation - but before they went I got a shot of cat-rabbit and Purry playing with Cooper's new train set. I wonder if Cat-Rabbit will be as much of an explorer as my small creation from Jac. Below is cat-rabbit looking (or not looking) out over Kingston from Jo's parents place the day before they left. And an old picture of my small travelling companion surveying the garden of a friend of my grandmother's from Cambridge - ready for an adventure! I think those 2 would be friends if they ever meet! (Even if they are both made from cloth!) (And I hope I didn't spoil anything by posting these briefly earlier... I hadn't realised cat-rabbit was a Christmas present :/ oopsies)

Friday, March 2

Le Monde En Action

Cotton Wars - I want to see this!

"Four forces combine in voltron style to produce a unique installation of cotton based armies; hand crafted and hand sewn, this battle scene will dazzle the eye and upset your stomach."

I'd never heard of the Inflight Gallery in Hobart until I read about this exhibitition on my friend Jac's blog comments... but I think I'll track it down and go soon! I love all the quirky cat-rabbit and ghostpatrol creations. There are some at Small Rhino which i walked past today, but Jack (different to Jac!) wouldn't stop because he thinks it's too pretentious! But I am enjoying listeneing to music on my computer with new (to me) speakers because he got awesome ones for his 21st... I got the cast offs so I can't complain.

Anyway, made it through first week back. I feel exhuasted - there were a lot of lectures, and it's hard to adjust to focusing and taking notes. That and I somehow had things on every night... but Submerge, drinks for Annika's 22nd, Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew' at botanical gardens, societies day followed by drinks at Knoppies for Jack's 21st, Bible Study and seeing Swedish band Peter Bjorn and John at republic were all good things.... and that doesn't include tonight! There is a party at a med friends house... I might make a short appearance before crashing with enough sleep to get up and survive Boot Camp tomorrow morning. Did I mention that insane thing? Well... strange idea... 7-8am three mornings a week of an otherwise friendly girl forcing me and some other crazy people to push ourselves to run faster, push up harder, squat lower, jump higher, etc etc. Not friendly. I missed thursday's sessions though because I had to be at the hospital early to visit the Catheter Lab. Much more interesting - I watched 2 angiograms. Very interesting - and i didn't feel TOO queezy watching blood come out when they first put it into the femoral artery (I guess you have to expect arteries to bleed if you put holes in them!).