Wednesday, June 28

FOR SALE - Make it go away

I don't have a photo of it, but there is a big ugly yellow FOR SALE sign outside my house. I like the new house and I am warming to the idea of setting up my room and living areas there, however I still forget about the fact that it involves selling this house. And it turns out that our friendly Mr HodgePerson is quite keen to get our place on the market asap. Having told him yesterday he'd be the priveledged agent, he's already organised an aerial photograph, put up the For Sale sign, and told us itwill be in the paper saturday after next along with an open home that day! Eep.

I started a blog yesterday which is saved unfinished on Toshi (laptop) and I'm lacking energy to finish it now.. maybe one day! It just said that Tahnee and I spent yesterday and monday and saturday sanding and painting the verandah supporting posts and beams as well as the woodwork around the doors and windows onto the deck. Made a fair difference, but now I'm going to Melbourne for 10 days or so, and the open home is the day I get back (I arrive 8:30pm!!) so... TAG... next person can do some. I guess that leaves it with Mum and Hamish and I think Papa is coming down too.

In other news... not sure really... I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow!! Staying with my aunt and uncle for two nights, my friend Iona for another 2 nights and then a hostel with schoolie people for the next 2 nights. From there I head to Grafton for a couple of nights with my grandparents. Hopefully it will all be lots of fun. I want to do some shopping (while money holds out!!) as well as checking out some art, town... general atmosphere etc... Hanging out with Tahnee and all the rest will be lots of fun... Hurrah!

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JacWabbit said...

Poor Kate. I was wondering when that horrible moment was going to kick in, and I guess the big yellow sign (and dealing with a certain hodgeperson) would be more than enough to trigger it. It sucks that sometimes change for the better comes at such a cost. Like being here... Anyhow, have a brilliant time in Melboure. Have a coffee for me and I look forward to the mega update when you return :)