Tuesday, September 5

settling in. from a distance.

Now all is safely taken to the new house. Except for the stuff that isn't... certain things have been left at nice old house - i went back today for my clothes in my drawers, but there were still some pictures on walls here and there, some cups and mugs which I suspect are staying behing, and a whole lot of dust, pens, and other rubbish here and there on the floor. But all in all... house feels empty.

As oppose to new house. Which has lots of boxes. And thats after unpacking at least 10 or 15 boxes into the kitchen and pantry. My golly... if you could live on popcorn, currants, cinnamon sticks, (or spices in general) rice and pickled walnuts/other pickles... we'd be fine for quite some time. There are multiples of things to be consumed, multiples of crockery (which Hamish is keen to thin out) and probably multiples of many other kinds of things as well... and lots of room with no cupboards. But my room looks great. Haven't really got clothes in, but furniture beginning to take shape around the room and boxes containing cd player and other essentials have been located. (Still need the one with cds!). Will take camera and if any daylight is left, photographic evidence will be found. But... not sure how phone line/internet situation is going. But I do have a new home phone number - which I will not give out here (wouldn't anyway, but haven't learnt it yet) but email me if you want it and I'll think about giving it to you.

Working all day tomorrow so sleep time :) Am at dads - so wed night will be first night to sleep in the new house.

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