Thursday, October 12

burning up and and moving out (moved out)

Finally everything is completely out of the Kingston house. I took the last carload of junk today - which is all destined for a car boot sale and was going to stay there happily until the car boot sale in Kingston on sunday. But no... they changed the settlement date so I had to get it all by tomorrow. Ah well.. all gone now. And there was already a wardrobe and kitchen table in there belonging to the new people. Very wierd to see other furniture in there.

Meanwhile, 2 hot days in a row and Hobart/Tasmania is on fire. There were fires near uni/Proctors rd, fires on the eastern shore and others around the state. Driving back down the outlet tonight after bible study gave me a very good view of the lines of burning red on the hillsides across the river. Impressive, but scary.

Otherwise, life has been busy. I have last minute assignments to get done (4 abstracts due tomorrow.. just need to proof read and a reflective piece), portfolio things to hand in... etc etc. And I need to study for exams. But there are much more interesting things to do really - Mark's 21st birthday party is this weekend, there is the car boot sale on sunday, and no doubt a squillion other things I can invent.

Can't think of much else at the moment - lots happening and not much sleep!! Will hopefully put something more interesting here sometime - perhaps when I'm more settled into my procrastination of exam study.

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Tahnee said...

Hi Sweetums

Good to catch up on what you've been doing.Have fun at the birthday party! I'm working as Front of House staff at con.

Yeah, the fires were scary... didn't catch on that there were fires until brad rang me to pick up his computer in case it melted...!

Now get back to work!!