Friday, January 11


I made it to the end of my first week in Glenden. I've seen quite a variety of thing s- injuries, kids, medicals, given injections taken blood and so on. My favourite was that I got to stitch up a guy after we cleaned up his leg where he'd been kicked by a horse. There is a whole sequence of photos on my Flickr page if you're game to look... no pressure! There's blood!

Brad the.... film star?

As some of you know, my stepfather Hamish calls everyone (or close to) X the Y. So... Pete the Gardener, James the logician etc. Well here's a video clip on you tube of a good friend of his, Brad who is clearly now Brad the film star. He's a fellow historian and has an entertaining and informative clip. There's another one too. Make a comment there if you fee like it!

Thursday, January 10

Fwd: Google Earth Image

 This is where I live atm (for my 2 weeks in Glenden).

I didn't figure out how to make the link from google earth work, so I hopefully the picture will be big enough to see.

So my little trip to Glenden is going well. I'm about 2 hours inland from Mackay and its been nice and warm... or hot outside and perfectly airconditioned inside. I've almost felt cool at times but not complaining! The doctor here (Rachel) is great fun - and a good teacher. I've seen heaps of stuff, and got to do quite a lot. There are masses of kids, babies, mums, pregnant mums plus miners having medicals and health and well being checks. I've been looking in ears, listening to hearts and lungs, palapting tummies - all good medical stuff. I'd been practicing my suturing on a pig trotter and today I stitched up a wound. Admittedly it was a cut we created to drain a massively swollen leg where a guy had been kicked by a horse - but it lookd so much better after. I gave a few injections - IM maxalon, morphine and local aneasthetic. I helped cut off a plaster cast the other day with a (modified) angle grinder, and did a pap smear today. I've also done some neonatal 6 week checks and a couple of check ups on pregnant women.

I've also spent some time hanging out with Rachel and her family - 3 boys, aged 6, 8, and 10. They're good fun and never a boring moment with them around. Hopefully I'll get to go sailing in Mackay on the weekend - otherwise, who knows what else will come my way!