Wednesday, November 22

technology to baffle

I tried to put some pictures on the blog last night using picasa... it did everything and said loading, and now they're not there. Maybe they'll turn up at some point but I thought that if it needed time, overnight would have done the trick. I guess I'll have to do them again... but not now because I need to get ready for work. I also used to use a program called 'hello' to put pictures on - but I think that it worked with blogger, and maybe not blogger beta. OH well... more later. But possibly, maybe, Toshi (my laptop) is fixed - it had little tantrums while charging (or not charging) lately - would stop charging and there was nothing you could do until it went flat and died. But Dad took it somewhere and got it fixed for me - hurrah!


Skilly said...

same with picasa and i!!

Jac said...

I've bailed on using any 3rd party programs with blogger. I can barely even get blogger to upload pics directly sometimes. However, I'm bitter today because the &$#@ program wiped my blog entry THREE times. Note to all the geeks out there, don't use emotes that contain these characters > or <


In other news, I'm stoked you got Toshi fixed! And I miss you.