Friday, June 23

Sleep pattern = disturbed!

Once again my sleeping routine is out of sync. I went to bed at 1am, got up at 5am, went to bed at 8am and got up at about 11:30am! All in the name of sport. Not like my usual self... am I ill??? Nah its all good... it was the socceroos game against Croatia. And it was a draw - which probably led to more partyig for Aus fans than our win against Japan!!! However it does mean we are through to the second round. It was a tense game - I'd say the entire nation's blood pressure was above normal for that time of day!! In both halves the other guys scored and we manged to equalise eventually.. but until we did it looked bad! And their second goal was a pathetic shot that our pathetic goalie lay in front of while it bounced over his body... Hmmm. Bring back Schwarzer we say!

Despite plans to go watch the game at other venues, it ended up being me crashing at Tahnee's, then getting up to watch the game with her and her family - Chris, Peta and Brad. Some interesting family dynamics - Brad suggesting that we may as well mute it and listen to Chris' version may give some idea.. but it was fun to watch it with them all.

And now on with the day... another holiday day well spent... we planned some melbourne things for next week, and had cups of tea... all important holiday things to do.. now Nachos for 'lunch'!

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