Monday, March 2

Away again?!

No doubt there is something important I should be packing, but while I remember what it is, I thought I'd write a very short post (for a change). It's 5:34am, and I'm up and showered and it can mean nearly only one thing - I'm off to the airport. I'm heading to Tunis, which is the capital of Tunisia in North Africa for a medical student conference on conflict and health. It should be good fun, although I'm a little daunted and I've felt like my preparations were slightly last minute - but whats new! I was supposed to read up on Gaza, which I haven't really done, but to make up for it, I've printed whatever Wiki has to offer to read on the plane.

Whilst I hope to appreciate at least a tiny bit of Tunisia, I'll be pretty much in conference mode most of the time - arriving and leaving the same days it starts and finishes. Well that's my time slot used up - time to do something useful!