Wednesday, May 31

Content in My Geekyness.

I've been told by a certain best friend of mine that I'm a geek. Her exact words were that I was 'content in my geekyness'. So I thought about this. I wondered if its true? Am I really a geek and what does this mean. (On reflection, the fact I'm reflecting on this at all... could be geeky, or perhaps I'm turning into a good medical professional with good reflective habits like they want us to!). So... Ok I play board games now and then. And computer games now and then. Bad sign for geekyness. However I enjoy them. So maybe I really am content? Then at uni yesterday, Jack and Nick were discussing a multitude of sci-fi movies. Beginning with X-men 3 (I have only seen number 1) then proceeding onto millions more I'D NEVER SEEN! Hooray I'm not a pure geek! And then just to make sure I did a geek test on a random website - 12.5%. It said 'needs to stay in more'! I think I'm fine!
Thats not to say I didn't walk around uni with a Lord of the Rings board game after Mum brought if back from Melbourne. And I've played it 7 times since yesterday :) Its quite good.
Ok, maybe I'm content with my minimal level of geekyness.

Monday, May 29

I'm studying.. really.
And in other news, for Christmas, I got a cool Blythe book from the always lovely Tahnee. And now on my google homepage I have a flickr window which shows me some random recently updated pics. Today was someone's own collection of Blythes.
still alive
Just a little entry - I'm still alive and kicking, however I'm supposed to be spending close to every minute of the day studying. Or something.
In reality - I have been doing quite a lot, although that has also involved the for-runners of studying... like making lots of lists of things to learn. Now to learn to learn them.
But of course, because I can never do only one thing for that long, I've also done this and that - went out to yummy Annapurna (indian) restaraunt for Tahnee's 21st dinner with lots of her other friends, as well as to Kaos for a 'coffee'=[lush] white hot chocolate afterwards. Yesterday i went to church twice! Margate in the morning and Bay West's Sunday Night Live with some other friends in the evening... It was nice to see lots of people I knew there. And I studied. Today I'll study. Tomorrow I'll go to uni for a couple of things, and study. Hurrah.
Oh.. but I heard that Mum and Hamish had a lovely time in Melbourne and they told me they are very nice people which means they bought me 'Lord of the Rings: Confrontation' - a fun lookig 2 player board game. Have yet to set eyes on it, but I'm sure it is a good study break tool!!!

Monday, May 22

On Saturday Submerge (youth group) had our end of term 'big event'! It went quite well despite a slightly lower turn out that we'd been having to normal evenings. With about 16 kids, and the usual suspect leaders, we got through a large amount of the food we'd planned for up to 30 kids! (There were some left overs - I get to make a couple of pizzas at home soon!) We rolled/skooted/bladed around the 2 rinks at Woody's Rollerworld for a few hours - with some macarina competetions, and a ramp to spice things up! Then returned to church to play games, make and eat pizza, watch Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, eat jelly and custard, watch (for girls=me!) the Princess Diaries 2 and the boys Napolean Dynamite. They all fell asleep eventually (after watching movie, deleted scenes, deciding to have an easter egg hunt cos someone had brought left over eggs.... then farting and giggling etc!! Then in a blink of an eye it was 7am and not long after boys with pillows turned up... so that was that! But it was a good night! For now the break is well timed - by the time Submerge starts next term on the 19th of June, I'll nearly have finished exams (last 1 is 20th).
practice practical test
Just a quick note cos I'm relieved... We did a practice practical test a few weeks ago and in last week's practical with Dr Assenheimer he said we hadn't done very well as a group (ie. 'you should sit down before you see your results!') I was beginning to wonder how I went. As it turns out, despite bombing out on his section (1/2 out of 4) I did fine on the rest - even quite well! 35&1/2 out of 50! Hooray. Anyway... lots more to learn before exams but I'd got a little worried when people kept spouting things I had no idea about. Feel better now. And I did know some of the other ones I got wrong too. So... plan is.. study hard... and play hard (This weekend brings Augie March gig, and Tahnee's 21st birthday dinner at Annapurna - yum yum!)

Friday, May 19

One More Promotional little one...
Last year I was involved with some things that an organisation called Forge were doing - and one of their outlets was Reverb and various other things centred around a building at 112 Liverpool st. As a consequence this place is called... '112'. Anyway after a few years of doing arty things and gigs and stuff there apparently they're not continuing... but before it goes, there is this:

Wednesday, May 17

Shots in the dark
Because its a while since I've updated this, I've got a bit to write but I'm putting it in different windows so it doens't look so huge!! On Monday I had a very fun time shooting children in the dark... and I got the high score 2/3 games. No really... to give you the full picture, I have been helping out at Submerge for the last term (and plan to continue) and this week we had a girls night - and did an ungirly thing which they all loved and went to Zone 3. Admittedly it might have been my idea... and it was great! Coming up this saturday is Woody's rollerworld (ok so i didn't know it still existed, but apparently its moved from my younger days!) and hten a sleep over with ALL the kids at church afterwards. Could be fun. Or could be very tiring... hurrah - bring it on!
general comings and goings
And a non-promotional post... Well uni is going well. I am doing more study than I had been, although that may not have included today. I did go to the science library (my uni home away from the med building!) however found it hard to settle! None the less I read about pharmacology a little, muscles a little... and then went back to Dads to have lunch with my friend Ruth. Meanwhile exams are approaching... but enough of uni - its enough for you to know that I'm enjoying the study and social aspects.
I'm trying not to neglect my other good friends - I hung out with my friend from sailing Eve the other day. That was great - we drank maple syrup flavoured tea and listend to cool music, chilling in her place in West Hobart. I've also caught up with Emily from Aquatics... bumped into my friend Nom and do plan to catch up again. I've got semi-permanent coffee meetings scheduled into my week - with Tahnee and Roxy on mondays and Sarah and Sirocha and sometimes Carmen on Fridays. Hooray for Lazenbys. And the ref! My $2.50 veg lasagne was quite decent yesterday!

Greenies take note
Hi again - after some time in hibernation, it seems winter isn't as cold as it was going to be, yet, so I'm back. This is on next week if you're interested (I can recommendd both films although I am biased as they are written and directed by my uncle!)

Cable and Last Port of Call

When: Tuesday May 23rd 18:30
Where: State Cinema

(Another) Tasmanian Greens Fundraiser

To be opened by the director of both films Roger Scholes. Roger will be
available for discussion afterwards.

$20/$15 Tickets available from the Green Shop, 83 Harrington St, Hobart

The films have a combined running time of about 100 minutes.

Enquiries Karen Brown or 6236 9334 or 0417 555 309