Monday, August 31

Wedding cake?

I think maybe I've found Tim's ideal wedding cake!! It probably won't actually look anything quite like this.

I do have other posts pending (even halfway through) but then there were visits to Hobart, an assignment due today, another one due next week.. and so on! Back to it... will blog again one day soon!

Thursday, August 6

First night in Melbourne

Naturally its all about the food (or at least the shops haven't opened). We went to a Korean restaurant called the Oriental Spoon for dinner and shared some entrees and a main. All very tasty with a good crowd of locals.

As entrees we had a familiar but tasty seaweed salad, some steamed pork and vegetable dumplings, kimchi jeon which was a kind of pancake, and some little balls which where a bit like croquettes with pieces of octopus hiding inside them. Main course, which was shared at the same time was pork ribs -  we think baby pork given they were tiny - but delicious!

By the time we finished it seemed to only be 9pm so we had a pleasant wander the long way home picking out all the shoe shops to come back to in shopping hours!