Wednesday, November 29

Most Understandable Pie Chart

Speaks for itself really... data and statistics I can understand! And I do like pies...

Monday, November 27

catching up on photos

This is just a couple of shots from a 'Live at the House' gig I went to the other day -a whole bunch of bands playing for free (but you had to pickup your tickets before) to celebrate 150 of parliament house. Not a bad gig - especially liked Lior and Bomba.


This is a picture of the view from my window - at night with rain on the window! So not really very clear... but I like all the lights going kinda blurry. Sometimes I even sat down to do some proper study at my desk... except occasionally I was distracted by the view, or taking photos of the view, or arty photos of rain, or reflections or shadows... or myself in the window! Doesn't take much to distract me really!
Clearly, we studied hard. Meanwhile, Jack and Mark were competing to see who's paper aeroplane went the furthest!! (I say Mark but could be biased!)
Sometimes I even sat down to do some proper study at my desk... except occasionally I was distracted by the view, or taking photos of the view, or arty photos of rain, or reflections or shadows... or myself in the window! Doesn't take much to distract me really!

Wednesday, November 22

technology to baffle

I tried to put some pictures on the blog last night using picasa... it did everything and said loading, and now they're not there. Maybe they'll turn up at some point but I thought that if it needed time, overnight would have done the trick. I guess I'll have to do them again... but not now because I need to get ready for work. I also used to use a program called 'hello' to put pictures on - but I think that it worked with blogger, and maybe not blogger beta. OH well... more later. But possibly, maybe, Toshi (my laptop) is fixed - it had little tantrums while charging (or not charging) lately - would stop charging and there was nothing you could do until it went flat and died. But Dad took it somewhere and got it fixed for me - hurrah!

Wednesday, November 15

And now for something different

Exams are over. Good feeling. First year over. Strange feeling.

Its late again and I should go to sleep. Went out for dinner tonight with Dad - to Maldini's which was delicious. Bit of an end of exams celebration!! Had a lovely lamb meal, and ended up sharing a tiramisu to finish. Still feeling full but it was delicious. Good way to end the semester - and nice to chat with Dad as well. Despite staying the last 2 nights with him I'd barely crossed paths!

For next few weeks at least, I'm working at the chemist, as well as some bits of sailing coaching, babysitting, cleaning and then fitting in socialising, reading, sleeping, and just being as well. And I'm writing a sermon for this week - 'reception of the king'. Tricky one - I don't want it to be boring and irrelevant. Was thinking about comparing the reactions of people to Jesus in his own time to reactions now - gets a bit wierd though reading stuff on internet about how people can prove the Jesus wasn't who he might be. But I guess thats where faith comes in - because it can't be proved entirely and no-one says otherwise, but there is reason to believe... Anyway it still needs more thought.

Today was Hamish's birthday. I haven't finished the 13 piece paper Hearse Playset for him... but I didnt' see him today either. I'll do some tomorrow before starting work at 11 and see how I go. Just need some dead flies to go in the miniature coffins (he asked for flies although may have intended fishing flies but ah well)

Thursday, November 9

Time I did something with the day!

Well my days off doing nothing all day are looking limited - after all I'm not really on holidays yet, and I have lots to get done and soon I'll be working. So I guess its about time I got dressed and did something with my day... but maybe you should see what time it is on the Human Clock! Or the Cable Clock... Or the Block Clock (available as a screen saver!!!)

Blue Tea has lots of fun things which can take up my day - who really needs to get dressed, study for last exam, eat, wash, see people... although I do want to see Mark today! And Mum has asked me to look out for more copies of Shaun Tan's book The Arrival in town - another 3 copies plus one of The Rabbits.

Wednesday, November 8

3/4 done but it might as well be holidays

Woohoo!! Yesterday was my last big exam for first year uni. In actual fact i have to be present for one more next week but it will wonly be 10 minutes and should be fine. I'll do some practice for it tomorrow - it involves taking a patient history and doing an examination of either shoulder, wrist, knee or ankle joints - depending on what they decide the story is. It will end up taking all afternoon until we can go but thats only because we are sequestered until the last group starts. Grr. Ah well... at least by then there'll be nothing else I can stress about preparing for.

So now... all this time and space to think about the things I'd like to spend my time doing - there are a whole list of things I should have done when we moved that I still havent sorted out! I have a shelf I made a while ago to put up in my new room, more boxes of books to sort and put into my bookshelf, I have 2 boxes in my room with trophies/soft toys etc which I think are to be kept so they need to be found a home. Plus other fun things - a girl from Uni and I are planning to cook an Indonesian meal someday (before she goes home for summer), I want to watch more studio Ghibli movies, LoTR movies again, go op-shopping, buy a hub cap.... all sorts of fun and games! And hopefully find a bit more time to see Mark - without feeling that one or both of us should be studying.

And just in case I thought I might get bored (or Dad might find me lots of work to do for him) my old friendly chemist people rang and offered me 30 hours of work a week... starting next week! So that should help my bank balance and keep me out of mischief-ss well as some sailing coaching, cleaning and babysitting! I think I'll need a holiday after all that!!!!!

But now to help Tahnee study for her contemporary English exam - involves the challenging task of watching Bridget Jones Diary! (But I'd rather that than silence of the lambs).

And soon there will be more photos of things.. just requires me to get organised and take the pictures and find card reader :)