Wednesday, December 5

Photos at last - just a selection

Some funny things I've seen:
At the bottom of a subway there was an escalator going up from the platform that said 'for passengers only'. There is no way of getting in there without a ticket or getting off a train!

Most bathrooms inform you that 'employees must wash hands'. An Alice in Wonderland themed Tea House said 'employees must wash hands.... or off with their head!'

Hmm... plenty more no doubt, but I can't think of any now. And really, I'm stalling because I was about to have some pictures on here but I'm importing them for the 3rd time due to fussiness and wanting them in order!! Here goes:

Shrek being inflated for Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeNYPD Public Information Officer who showed us around a bit!

Me on Thanksgiving Day with a crowd of kids at Macy's Parade

A Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing.

Marya, Elfie and I in Brooklyn looking towards Manhattan.

Me jumping on a table... near Shehola Falls I think. Ellen (Elfie's sister) and I played around with our cameras trying all sorts of things!

On Sunday I woke to a light dusting of snow...

Snow on the cabbages outside a cafe. What... why were there cabbages? Who knows (well at least they look like cabbages to me!)

Manhattan - from Staten Island Ferry (Daytime trip)

For Hamish...

Cirque du Soleil introduction....

These were on sale I promise!

And then I stayed with some people who run a funeral home....


kat said...

awesome - thanks so much for your photos, Kate! Makes me wonder how on earth they create those monstrous inflatable beings.

Glad to hear you're having such a great time. The night shot looks gorgeous. I'll have to try and get some night London pics to show you! (such an annoying task to carry my big lump of a camera into the city though...)

Joanna said...

Ooooh, I love those new shoes! I have some little red rocket dog trainers!!
Can't wait till you get here!

CupKate said...

By the way - it wasn't onto here that I uploaded the photo 3 times.. it was for my own benefit onto the computer so they were named appropriately when i burned them to CD :)