Saturday, December 29

Time's Up

Well, thats it folks - my time for traveling in the US this time around has run out! I've packed my bags, bought my final gadgets, and I'm ready to go. I just have to work out how to fit my PJs and toothbrush in the morning, and if I can lift my bag, I'll be off! Fortunately Jac and Jo will be taking me to the airport. Its been lovely staying with them, and I've had a good mix of chilling out, playing PS2, watching DVDs, socialising with their mob - for multiple occasions of Christmas, a birthday and a necessary trip to Sushi Zushi (and another trip for lunch yesterday). We've eaten well, shopped well, and even did the touristy River Walk today - which meant braving unpleasant traffic conditions but well worth it for the pretty fairy lights! We drank prickly pear margheritas and Mexican Eggnog, Australian wine, pumpkin beer, English cider and Jac's favourite soda water... and ate all sorts of brilliant things. There are more posts stored up, but in the mean time, I'll be passing time in airports and on planes till I get back to sunny Sydney!

Although I do have a new toy to keep me happy! (But mine's packed safe in its sleeve, not locked in at the shop!)

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