Wednesday, December 19

Don't Mess With Texas

and don't vague out in the departure lounge. Ok, so secret's out - I missed my flight to San Antonio for no very good reason. I did have the departure time in my head as boarding time so despite warning bells in my my head wondering why there were so few people around, it wasn't until 7 minutes after my flight took off without me (and I'd been sitting at the gate) that I went up and realised my mistake. Still, they got me on the already crowded next flight and here I am. Its so nice and warm, and its even nicer to hang out with Jac and Jo and watch the hamsters and eat delicious spag bog. (And look forward to watching tv, playing computers, and of course more time with Jac and Jo when they aren't working). Photos will come tomorrow!


Big A said...

Glad you got there! It's dangerously easy to vague out while travelling. I once left briefcase with tickets, passport, everything on a train the the UK. Don't you hate that clutch of the heart when you realise what you've done!

Have fun!

CupKate said...

Yeah - my 'only 1 hour till I'm there' turned into 'only 2 more hours in the airport'. And I had to try not to think about or kick myself at 4:45 when my plane landed without me! Still - I got to fly in over the Christmas lights of San Antonio.