Saturday, December 29

Ice by Photo

While I was in the more Northern regions of USA and Canada, we encountered some expected, but none-the-less freezing weather. This brought with it some pretty stunning scenery - and aspects of life with ice and snow that were foreign to me. As such, I found these beautiful/amusing/spectacular etc and took quite a few photos. What I didn't capture on film is quite how slippery frozen puddles/sidewalks/steps can be!

River in Ithaca, NY State

Waterfall in Ithaca

Niagara Falls, American Side (looking away from falls)

Niagara Falls, American Side

Niagara Falls, American Side (area above falls)

Niagara Falls (area above American Falls)

Niagara Falls, Canadian Side

CN Tower in Toronto with snow (Higher than the Empire State Building)

Street with a little snow in Montreal - there were places with more but I liked the dome.

Nearby in same street in Montreal

Notre Dame in Montreal

Snowshoeing in Vermont - found some baby Christmas trees buried by the snow, and some stunning scenery.

Snow covered old (and I think historically significant) cemetery in Boston

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