Saturday, December 22


So now that I'm in Texas, the weather here is about the same as Tasmania right now.
Rain, Wind: S at 21 km/h, Humidity: 94%
Today Sun
Chance of Rain Chance of Rain
20° | 8° 19° | 11°

Mostly Cloudy; Wind: N at 6 km/h; Humidity: 69%
Today Sat
Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny
24° | 12° 21° | 2°

But after me telling everyone that it barely snows in Tasmania, and its not that cold - there is potential snow forecast for Tasmania at Christmas. Its summer there, and winter here... its supposed to be the other way around! Ah well - its nice here at least until Sunday. But my favourite part about the forecast are these wise words which I'll leave you with:

"The snowfall will depend on whether it is cold enough and has enough moisture around," Mr Pearce said.

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Timmy B said...

I'm so glad that we have experienced meteorologists to tell us these things!
Also, if he is Matthew Pearce then I think I went to primary school with him and am thus unsurprised by his comment.

I'm all pumped up for my first white Christmas now! I hope Mr Pearce et. al. don't disappoint!