Monday, December 24

Shops/signs/random things that amused me!

I was going to add a couple of other pictures but now we have to hurry off to dinner - we're having a sleepover with some other Australian Texams for Christmas! We just went to a Christmas Eve servcie - Jac and Jo's church combined with the ministers other church. It was interesting but of the 5 or 6 carols were unfamiliar or way too high to feel like a proper Christmas Service! Enough typing - now for pictures:

This is the Chelsea Market I think - in NY. I like this one because I like markets with food - and because I got told off for taking photos!

Niagara Falls: I was planning on wearing my raincoat... not throwing it out!

Me and my punny sense of humour - even in China Town.

Randy eh?

Our snowshoeing guide assures us there is no Martlett bird and what kind of bird would have a breeding area in the winter... but its more interesting than 'keep off'.
The Biodome in Montreal.. we couldn't find the real Sloth but it would have been cool to see.

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