Friday, December 7

Mac Shop - again!

Ahh the ways of wangling free internet. I've been lucky enough to use some hosts internet (such as for putting up photos) but this is the second time I've used a mac shop - different shop too! And I prefer PC! But still.. its a lively shop filled with mac-gadgets and people taking advantage of the free internet! I haven't even tried my other option of joining the Public Libraries. 

Today I did one of the things I had been planning not to do - Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ferry trip. I had been happy with my view of Lady Liberty from the free Staten Island Ferry, however it was quite good to go ashore, and I'd been assured that the immigration museum on Ellis Island was well worth a trip. With the audio guide to well.. guide me, I trotted around both and saw the sights. Some pretty amazing stories - something like 12 million people came through the immigration hall between late 1800s and 1924. On Liberty Island I even paid a quarter (25c) twice to look through those binocular things at the mainland - the first time nothing happened but having got my hopes up I figured I'd try a different one... looked the same as without them but closer!!!

Now I'm exploring SOHO, goggling at the expensive and brightly lit shops! Sooner or later I'll find somewhere to eat, although I'm not sure I'm in the bargain district so we'll see - at 8 I'm going to Monty Python's Spamalot performance which Martha (current and last SERVAS host) found me half price last minute tickets for at (Theatre Development Fund). 


kat said...

soho, didn't sneak over to England when I wasn't looking, did you?!

Do they have a SOHO in New York?

kat said...

oh, and I totally endorse the use of free internet/computer access at mac shops. I used to sneak in every now and then, very useful when you want a quick squiz at email or facebook and don't want to bother with a net cafe.

I even asked to plug in my ipod once, when trying to locate my lost in the ether resume they were very helpful and let me even though it wasn't something they were supposed to a free charge on my ipod too ;)

CupKate said...

i've even charged my ipod in a airport duty free shop!!!

kat said...

nice going!

are you still in the mac shop right now? Hope you enjoy Spamalot. I've been considering going to see it here. let me know what it's like!