Wednesday, November 28

From a group email... (multitasking!)

For those who are interested, I'm just about finished my time with mycousins (mum's cousin Philip and family Jenifer and David), andtomorrow I head back to New York. I've had a great time down here. Itstarted off well with Thanksgiving Dinner the minute I got off thetrain - turkey and all. I had a nice mix of some quieter days, sortingout my time adjustment and so on, hanging out and playing computergames with David (mostly Civilisation IV) as well as heading intoWashingtong DC and seeing the sights.

One day we went to the museum ofHealth and Disease at an army base - some interesting bits and pieces,from civil war days to cutting edge M2A camera pills - they go frommouth to anus!! We spent a good few hours at the International SpyMuseum - being given an identity, learning the tricks of the trade,and then being tested on our identity and mission. There were somecool gadgets - cameras, guns, recorders etc.On Sunday, our sailing plans fell through and although Philip andJenifer decided to buy some kiyaks, we decided it wasn't the weatherto test them. We did make it over to the Annapolis Naval Base for awander - famous this week for Bush and his token Peace Talks!Then I spent the last 2 days in Washington DC itself looking in someof the Smithsonian Institute museums. They're all free, and huge. I looked at lots of art - at Hirshorn Sculpture Museum, also a quick look in the Air and Space Museum and also the Treasures of American History temporarily in there -Dorothy's shoes, R2D2, C3P0, famous peoples hats, dresses, walking sticks, and Einsteins pipe. I also went to the National Gallery of Art- yesterday and today! It was huge as well - there were some goodspecial exhibits on including Edward Hopper who is a clever Americanartist. Also snapshots of American photography over the last 100years, and an exhibition about African American photographyparticularly of people that resisted opression.

Anyway, lots of fun, and it was good to stay with my cousins for awhile. Tomorrow I'm up early for the train so its time for me to pack!Its been surprisingly mild, although the temperature drops significantly once the sun goes - but it was only below 0C or 32F oneday so far. Still, my warms clothes are appreciated.



ps whilst I have taken pictures, my current internet access isn't really up to posting them! Hang in there....

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Big A said...

Did you go and feel that very sharp edge of the museum of modern art (or something) at the Smithsonian? I had seen pictures of it and was determined to touch it, and when I got there, there was a dirty mark at just the very place, so clearly many others had the same idea!

So much to see!