Sunday, December 23

Comedy in Toronto

Whie we were in Toronto we went out on the town one evening. After an early dinner (cheap speedy BBQ place with Bulgogi) we chilled at a pub for a bit. We all had our ID checkced - but thats ok because in Canada land, the legal drinking age is 18. After a while, we wanted to head to another venue we'd sussed out earlier. Only problem is we got our ID checked on the way in - and it turns out the legal age in Ontario is actually 19 which not all of our group were. Not sure what the other place was checking for.... So live music plans aside and we found a comedy place instead which wasn't bothered so we paid our 'whatever you feel is apporpriate' small change and went into the gloom. It had just begun with the MC telling a funny story about his kid. The good thing about hte MC is he was on between each other act - and this was good because he was probably the funiest. There were about 3 other quite funny ones, about about 6 less funny verging on cringe-worthy ones (ie bitter, crude, not funny etc). But my most memorable highlight was this video clip which is a trailer (of sorts) for Bourne Ultimatum. Watch it regardless of what trailers you've seen before:

The Bourne Ultimatum?

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