Thursday, December 20

New York by photo.

Here are some of the photos from NY - most are from before the Trekamerica tour, but a couple are from back in NYC afterwards - and they aren't in order anyway!

Rockerfeller Centre Christmas tree - they have a big ceremony to light it, and ice skating below me.

New York Public Library's friendly Lion, Fortitude. To the South slightly is Patience. Apparently these are good characteristics for New Yorkers to aim for.

The pathway leading to the New York Public Library was paved with plaques with literary quotations.

Another shot of Manhattan at night.

The Christmas lights outside Cartier on Fifth Avenue.

Another Fifth Ave building front. There was another one that was wrapped up like a present.

View from main hall on Ellis Island where immigrants lined up and after answering questions (do you have have $5, health checks and so on) were admitted or decline entrance to the US. Now part of Immigration Museum.

The ceiling design in the Chrysler Building - of the Chrysler Building.

The real version of the same Chrysler Building

Captain Jack Sparrow a la Lego (in Toys'r'Us) Times Square.

Me re-living my love of playmobile in Toys'r'Us. They had some cool sets!

Berrie s on top of the Irish Food Memorial or something remembering the potato famine, along the Western Edge of Downtown Manhattan.
Chinatown. NYC.

Road side sales just near my first Servas Host.

Bloomingdale - blooming expensive leather jacket!!

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