Thursday, June 15

Sill studying... in theory. I had an exam on monday which was probably the hardest one, except it turned out to be quite easy. I have another one tomorrow, but it should also be easy.. unless they are being tricky and make extra hard questions. But we think we should be able to make most of it up! Or... ok I'll do a little bit more study but really... its on the 'fluff' part of our course - not denying its not important, but its hard to define and a bit wishy washy!!

In the mean time I've been *ahem* watching movies and playing computer games... just a little bit! Somehow studying with my uni buddies Jack and Ruth turned into wireless network game of empire earth! Shh don't tell anyone... more geekyness!!! And today we managed to make multiplayer Heroes of Might and Magic 4 work.... didn't finish that game yet. Unlike the Empire Earth game we're not all on the same team....

The 2 movies I've seen this week - Cars at the movies on Tuesday. Was quite a good animated movie, although initially I was worried that a movie purely about cars could not deliver what I'd come to expect from a Pixar movie! The beginning Pixar clip titled 'One Man Band' was awesome, and the few scenes at the end with the credits were worth waiting for as well!

I also finally watched 'Spirited Away' which is an anime movie last night. It was also quite cool - a story about a sour little girl who gets herself into a spirit world and has to survive, rescue her parents and get out again eventually! There were some cool different spirits and monsters and dragons (in anime style)... with only a few anime style oddities in the story line. The trailers on the dvd were also fun - gave me ideas of more anime movies I could watch to educate myself... I feel sure its an important life skill/area!!!

Well.. enough of a break... a tiny bit more study then I'll call it quits for tonight. Unless of course I get hooked on soccer.. which is another feature of this week! I watched the awesome game of Australia against Japan where we came back from 1-0 to win 3-1 all within the last 10 minutes! And last night was Spain v Ukraine - Spain won 4-0 in a very impressive performance. And now its Equador in their colourful red yellow and blu against equador mainly in white... 1-0 to Equador so far. :)


JacWabbit said...

Kate, you just HAVE to watch the rest of the Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli) films. They're incredible. If you ask Jo, I taped most of the old ones (VHS though) and I'm planning on buying them eventually. Nausicca is one of my faves, and obviously Princess Mononoke (which I do have on DVD)

Dim said...

So Equador played Equador and won? :P
"And now its Equador in their colourful red yellow and blu against equador mainly in white... 1-0 to Equador so far."

CupKate said...

Fussy. Ok so equador played someone else other than themselves. Judging by when the games are on it was probably late at night and i was sleepy.... same goes for now so thats all from me! (sleepy.. not late at night...)