Wednesday, May 31

Content in My Geekyness.

I've been told by a certain best friend of mine that I'm a geek. Her exact words were that I was 'content in my geekyness'. So I thought about this. I wondered if its true? Am I really a geek and what does this mean. (On reflection, the fact I'm reflecting on this at all... could be geeky, or perhaps I'm turning into a good medical professional with good reflective habits like they want us to!). So... Ok I play board games now and then. And computer games now and then. Bad sign for geekyness. However I enjoy them. So maybe I really am content? Then at uni yesterday, Jack and Nick were discussing a multitude of sci-fi movies. Beginning with X-men 3 (I have only seen number 1) then proceeding onto millions more I'D NEVER SEEN! Hooray I'm not a pure geek! And then just to make sure I did a geek test on a random website - 12.5%. It said 'needs to stay in more'! I think I'm fine!
Thats not to say I didn't walk around uni with a Lord of the Rings board game after Mum brought if back from Melbourne. And I've played it 7 times since yesterday :) Its quite good.
Ok, maybe I'm content with my minimal level of geekyness.


CupKate said...

hmmm... despite the fact i'm replying to my own blog, its sad to say in my Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation (Deluxe) games against Jack, so far I've lost 9/10. But i beat Ruth, Linden and Tahnee... gotta get a strategy to beat that boy.. of course thats only in our study breaks :)

JacWabbit said...

Geek is good. Nerd is bad.

Embrace your inner geek. Although my inner geek too over a long time ago and I think I'm outer geek now too.