Wednesday, June 21

Its Holidays!

Woohoo. Yesterday was my last exam. Hurrah I am 1/10 of the way through my course - except that assumes no failing (should be ok) but ignores the fact our semesters get longer when they start eating into our holidays! But still... semester 1 year 1 is over and done with. I think the exams were all ok, although our theme 2-5 one was kinda like waffling crap you hope they want to hear - although it was hard to tell which direction they wanted the answers to go! That was the one on communication, ethics, community health, and integration which so far is information literacy - a million (or several) questions on locating resources in databases.

But moving on from that... did i mention its holidays! Woohoo... This means I have time to see people I haven't seen all semester, and hang out, watch dvds etc. On my list to watch, possibly, is season 3 of Spooks, Scrubs cos i still haven't seen any and it doens't seem like you can do med and not see it, some more Miyazako (I think)/Studio Ghibli films. (Thanks Jac!!) He is the guy who did the anime film I mentioned in an earlier post - Spirited Away. Since then I watched another of his, Howl's Moving Castle which I also really liked. Not sure what else... still haven't seen X-men 3 or Da Vinci Code... problem with being busy lately is that lots of other people have!!

Other plans... running away to Melbourne for a bit, to see Coldplay, maybe an AFL game, shopping while the money lasts... etc. On the money note, I'll probably be put to work - there is painting to be done at Mums (outside) and Dads (inside) so that might keep me out of some mischief!

Anyway... hi to anyone... goodluck if you still have exams or hope life is treating you nicely if not. :) Post a comment if you want - its nice to see who's got nothing better to do!!!


Tahnee said...

I have nothing better to do... you may have guessed. I saw x-men 3 last week. it was really good. I also want to see da vinci code! we good go together...? I love scrubs, god it is funny.

JacWabbit said...

Or you can come see Da Vinci code with me :)

Is Nacho Libre big there or just an American thing? (why am I so tempted to always write american in lower case?)

CupKate said...

I don't know of Nacho Libre. But Tahnee and I made yummy nachos for lunch the toher day... at about 3, agter getting up at 12... post football :)
I'd love to see Da Vinci Code with you if only I was in america... (or aMERICA...? hehe!)