Wednesday, May 17

general comings and goings
And a non-promotional post... Well uni is going well. I am doing more study than I had been, although that may not have included today. I did go to the science library (my uni home away from the med building!) however found it hard to settle! None the less I read about pharmacology a little, muscles a little... and then went back to Dads to have lunch with my friend Ruth. Meanwhile exams are approaching... but enough of uni - its enough for you to know that I'm enjoying the study and social aspects.
I'm trying not to neglect my other good friends - I hung out with my friend from sailing Eve the other day. That was great - we drank maple syrup flavoured tea and listend to cool music, chilling in her place in West Hobart. I've also caught up with Emily from Aquatics... bumped into my friend Nom and do plan to catch up again. I've got semi-permanent coffee meetings scheduled into my week - with Tahnee and Roxy on mondays and Sarah and Sirocha and sometimes Carmen on Fridays. Hooray for Lazenbys. And the ref! My $2.50 veg lasagne was quite decent yesterday!

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