Monday, May 22

On Saturday Submerge (youth group) had our end of term 'big event'! It went quite well despite a slightly lower turn out that we'd been having to normal evenings. With about 16 kids, and the usual suspect leaders, we got through a large amount of the food we'd planned for up to 30 kids! (There were some left overs - I get to make a couple of pizzas at home soon!) We rolled/skooted/bladed around the 2 rinks at Woody's Rollerworld for a few hours - with some macarina competetions, and a ramp to spice things up! Then returned to church to play games, make and eat pizza, watch Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, eat jelly and custard, watch (for girls=me!) the Princess Diaries 2 and the boys Napolean Dynamite. They all fell asleep eventually (after watching movie, deleted scenes, deciding to have an easter egg hunt cos someone had brought left over eggs.... then farting and giggling etc!! Then in a blink of an eye it was 7am and not long after boys with pillows turned up... so that was that! But it was a good night! For now the break is well timed - by the time Submerge starts next term on the 19th of June, I'll nearly have finished exams (last 1 is 20th).

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